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Staying Out of Trouble with SUSE Enterprise Storage 7


Do you ever wake up in the morning and think, “I wish there was somewhere that stored common troubleshooting problems for SUSE Enterprise Storage?”

Do you sometimes sit in your office, blasted by the freezing air conditioning and say out loud, “I’d leave earlier if I knew more about troubleshooting cephadm!”


Say no more.


For the upcoming SUSE Enterprise Storage (SES) 7 release, the documentation team have been working hard to address gaps in the existing documentation as well as improve upon the current documentation suite.

With the upcoming beta release coming out in two weeks, we want to give you a sneak peek at our new Troubleshooting Guide. We want you to view the draft now, and send us your feedback once you’ve had the opportunity to test.

Troubleshooting is not exactly everyone’s favorite thing to do, but a necessary part of running machines and systems that is not always clear and simple. This often results in wasted time and resources trying to solve a problem that may have already been solved by someone else.

While we are working hard to develop the information in-house and alongside the upstream Ceph community, we are looking to our customers and user base for feedback:

  • What have you encountered while operating your SES cluster that you think would be helpful to document?
  • Do you run into a common issue that you don’t already see documented?
  • Is there something you know about, that you would like us to research and document?

When you’re ready, let us know in the comments or click “Report a Documentation Bug” in the draft document to submit an issue to us!


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