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Transforming your business with microservices


Digital, digital, digital – it doesn’t matter the size of the organization, most companies are grappling with the proliferation and sharing of data and constant service expectations from devices, systems and from human beings. And if you are in IT management you are intimately aware of the high demand digital places on your software and IT infrastructure. Of course you have to control costs at the same time and keep the existing running!

You are facing several challenges beyond the amount of data and costs. You are probably investigating the development of new processes, internal cultural changes (like departments outside of IT leading technology acquisitions) plus assessing a plethora of new and innovative technologies to address your organizational and competitive challenges.

I’m not telling you anything new when I say that it can be quite complicated to find a good match between all those new technologies and the specific problems you need to solve, or the benefits you want to realize. Then you have to try to assemble the technology pieces together by yourself AND maintain the puzzle over time, while trying to add new pieces to it. How can you survive and thrive in this environment?

SUSE, working with Fujitsu, have been working with customers to develop solutions that help them meet the challenges that come with digital growth and help them flourish. And we do this together in a way that provides agile computing and infrastructure that supports continuous delivery/deployment of large, complex applications, existing ones as well as new cloud native apps.

You can learn more about how we do this together at Fujitsu Forum in Munich where I will go through the following with Kozo Otsuka, Fujitsu CTO MIS-CE

  • “Why containers?” for an agile IT world
  • DevOps tooling with processes and cultural changes
  • Why hybrid is the new norm and how do you manage
  • The power of SUSE Containers as a Platform and SUSE Cloud Application Platform (based on Cloud Foundry) architecture on Fujitsu
  • The three main categories of workload/application migration

I hope you will join us at 12:00 on 8 November, 2017 in Room 3 at Fujitsu Forum. See you there!

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