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Transformation: It’s Not Just for Caterpillars!


“Remember, transformation is not just for caterpillars – you can transform too!”

Partner with a certain chamelion to speed your transformationNow more than ever, IT transformation is critical for business. Just this month, IDC released its top 10 predictions for digital transformation. What was prediction number one? By 2020, at least 55% of organizations will be digitally determined, transforming markets and reimagining the future through new business models and digitally-enabled products and services. Whether it’s your favorite local restaurant, that “big-box” store up the street or a multi-national airline – all business is digital business these days.

We are in the midst of a digital economy fueled by the explosive growth of mobile devices giving consumers access to anytime-anywhere goods and services. To keep up with these expectations, there is increasing pressure requiring businesses of all sizes in all industries to transform their data centers.

A Journey You Have to Start

The rate of technological change is increasing daily. The longer a company waits to start transformation the more difficult (and expensive) it will get. While one company is maintaining the status quo, a competitor will be accelerating their transformation. Digital transformation will not get easier to implement and it will not get cheaper. Companies – across all industries – don’t have time to wait.

With all this pressure to compete and deliver the on demand access that customers have come to expect, a digital transformation may seem like a daunting and impossible undertaking. But it doesn’t have to be. Partnering with a company like SUSE can help businesses jump start their transformation process and be there every step of the way for support and training to ensure a successful transition.

SUSE’s software-defined infrastructure and application delivery roadmap provides all the right solutions to help assist in your transformation – from SUSE OpenStack Cloud to SUSE Enterprise Storage and SUSE Cloud Application Platform to SUSE CaaS Platform.

SUSE Global Services:  Your Transformation Partner

SUSE Global Services provides flexible consulting delivery solutions and premium support services options to maximize your value from your SUSE solution investments.  Start with a SUSE consulting engagement, use  SUSE Select Services engagement to jumpstart your SUSE OpenStack or SUSE Enterprise Storage deployments, and get exceptional ongoing support services with Premium Support Services offerings. Our professional services team has the technical expertise to assist in transforming and supporting your infrastructure. We will help your organization plan, implement and support your new solutions, facilitating all aspects of your IT transformation.

Our services offerings provide direct access to technical and product experts with whom you can build a trusted relationship.  With SUSE as your trusted partner, you not only get the right software for your transformation, you have access to the right people to get you to your end game.

The ebook “Three Reasons Why You Need a Services Partner for IT Transformation” describes some of the obstacles companies face when undergoing IT transformation. You can download it here.

Over the next few weeks, check back for my blog series where we will review three reasons why choosing SUSE Global Services as your trusted services partner will ease the bumps and speed your IT transformation.

Transformation – it’s not just for caterpillars, and with the help of a certain chameleon, you can transform, too!


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