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Transformation and Future Trends at SUSECON 2019


At the core of nearly all digital transformation initiatives is technology that helps companies move faster, drive innovation and fuel growth—all without missing a beat in day-to-day operations. This year at SUSECON 2019 in Nashville, we’re displaying how our open, open source approach to software-defined infrastructure and application delivery solutions makes it easier for organizations to achieve that on their own terms giving them the freedom to transform their way. SUSECON 2019 is all about creating your kind of open and this year we’re really focusing on how you can lead your company into a digital transformation by learning how to apply reliable, secure open source solutions to meet the demands of your business.

At SUSECON 2019, you will learn the latest developments in enterprise-class Linux, OpenStack, Ceph storage, Kubernetes, Cloud Foundry and other open source projects from technical experts, ecosystem partners and your peers from around the world. If you’re concerned about the future of your organizations digital transformation and interested in the latest technology innovations like software-defined storage, cloud or container technologies, then you will want to be sure to attend. In addition, here are three sessions you will want to be sure to include on your agenda.

Getting Started with Kubernetes [HO1113]

1.Introduction to Containers and Microservices 2. Container Orchestration tools 3. Introduction to Kubernetes 4. Kubernetes Architecture 5. Key Features of Kubernetes a. Container grouping using pod b. Self-healing c. Auto-scalability d. DNS management e. Load balancing f. Rolling update or rollback g. Resource monitoring and logging 6. Lab: Installing Kubernetes cluster 7. Lab: Deploying Multi-Tier Application


Naushad Pasha, GSI Technical Instructor, SUSE

Mahendra Srikantegowda, Technical Instructor, SUSE

Session Type: Hands-on

Topics: Container Technologies

Technical Level: Technical Intermediate


Software Defined Service Delivery with SUSE [HO1026]

See how SUSE’s technology stack works together for Dynamic Service Delivery and control.


Simon Briggs, Cloud Solution Specialist, SUSE

Session Type: Hands-on

Topics: Application Delivery, Cloud Infrastructure, Container Technologies, DevOps, Developer Tools, Digital Transformation, Distributed Storage, Private/Public/Hybrid Cloud Technologies, Software-Defined Solutions, Virtualization Technologies

Technical Level: Technical Beginner


An Introduction to Microservices Architecture [BOV1079]

IT Organisations are hearing the word Microservices a lot. But what actually are they? This session will give an introduction to Microservices and how they can help your business succeed. We will discuss the various types of Microservice architectures and how they fit into the Software Defined Infrastructure and Cloud paradigm and explain how you can take your existing business application or product and break it down into its component services. We want to introduce the principles so that you can enable your organisation to succeed and start architecting 12 factor apps today. We will give you various hints and tips to get started as well as give guidance as to some of the common pitfalls organisations experience. This session is aimed at Enterprise or Application Architects, IT Managers and Developers that are new to the world of Microservices and 12 factor apps


Rob Knight, EMEA Platform and Management Technical Strategist, SUSE

Stephen Mogg, Technical Strategist, SAP and Public Cloud, SUSE

Session Type: Business Overview

Topics: Application Delivery, Business Applications & Middleware, Cloud Infrastructure, Container Technologies, DevOps, Digital Transformation, Internet of Things, Private/Public/Hybrid Cloud Technologies, Software-Defined Solutions

Technical Level: Technical Beginner


If you haven’t already, register today.  Want to brush up on SUSE enterprise ready container solutions prior to the show?  I’ve got you covered.


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