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Transform Your SAP Infrastructure like a Chameleon: Part 1


It’s a common misconception that a chameleon changes its skin color to match its surroundings as a defense mechanism. Maybe you’ve seen pictures like the one above where the chameleon looks nothing like the objects around it. Actually there are a several different reasons that it changes color. A chameleon regulates its body temperature by changing to lighter colors to reflect heat or darker colors to absorb heat. It might change to a dark color when it’s afraid and to brighter colors when it’s excited. It can even change colors to attract a female chameleon, or to scare away a male rival. How does a chameleon change color? It changes the structural arrangement of its skin by exciting or relaxing the cells with different pigments to reflect different wavelengths of light, and combines them in different colors. This change can happen in as little as 20 seconds. In other words, a chameleon quickly and easily transforms its structure to adapt to things that it needs or wants.

Enterprises are finding that they have to transform the way they do business because as consumers we have high expectations. Technologies like mobile phones give us instant access to personalized information whenever we want it, and this is what we expect when we’re choosing who to do business with. Business lines trying to attract new customers know that cloud computing that makes IT resources available at the drop of a credit card, so they expect to be able to deliver new services in just a couple of weeks. Meanwhile in the real world of IT, you have to be concerned about the time and effort to get complex systems up and running with manual processes. You have to be ready for system outages and compliance audits. And you have to be concerned about business lines spinning up their own resources in public clouds with no concern for data security.

SAP has a solution to reduce this complexity with what they call the “Digital Core” of SAP S/4HANA. Transaction and analytics data can now be shared across applications and organizations. SAP HANA is THE single repository for application data instead of multiple relational databases for each application, plus a data warehouse and data marts for analytics. The entire infrastructure runs on a single OS, Linux, for speed of open innovation. The one area you get more options is with deployment, where you can implement SAP systems on-premise, in the cloud or a hybrid.

At SUSE we’re perfectly aligned with the SAP strategy. We deliver an industry-leading platform for reliable, on-demand access to SAP application and data services. This helps businesses to improve revenue and customer experience, and get to market faster with new services.  For greater agility to service delivery we enable businesses to implement SAP systems on premise in hours vs. days, in a private cloud, or in their choice of the top public cloud providers. Business users who need to make the important business decisions that drive profit and revenue get on-demand access to data with a performance-optimized platform for mission-critical SAP transactions and analytics. These users get reliable access to SAP systems with a solution that protects data, recovers quickly from system problems, or better yet avoids some outages altogether.

Because our software solutions are open source, our customers get the benefit of rapid innovation with better quality and security from the large community of developers coupled with SUSE’s expertise in enterprise hardening. And there’s no vendor lock-in giving our customers the flexibility to change solutions with far less migration pain than proprietary software.

It’s not a coincidence that the SUSE logo is a chameleon with the “We Adapt. You Succeed.” tagline. Whether your business must transform your SAP systems for survival, to attract new customers, or to scare off a competitor, SUSE provides solutions that help you quickly adapt and manage your infrastructure for greater speed, agility, and reliability for the digital economy. Get the Gartner newsletter “Drive Digital Transformation with SUSE – Your path to SAP HANA and S/4HANA” to learn more about SUSE solutions for your SAP environment.

Come back for Part 2 soon. Feel free to follow me on Twitter: @MichaelDTabron.

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