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Accelerate Your Transformation. Start With SUSE.


Transofrmation is hard; SUSE can help

This blog was written in conjunction with Ryan Hagen, Manager Consulting Services, North America.


Digital transformation is a fancy buzzword that shows how we can do things differently, with more efficiency.  There are many technologies that can provide paths to transformation, but how do you know what will work best for your business and technology?  And, transformation cannot take place without a culture shift.  When you add culture into the mix, you have a wonderfully complicated mess.  So how do you set the right objectives and key results and how do you track them?  In other words, where do you start to ensure your transformation success?

Simplify Transformation

SUSE Global Services introduced our services journey in November of last year and it’s a very relatable and understand methodology around what can be a difficult decision when taking all the pieces into mind. This journey is meant to accelerate the modernization of your business.

SUSE Global Services Customer Journey for Transformation

Let’s take a look at the on-ramp into our services journey together.  We can call this on-ramp the 8-hour Discovery Services session.

SUSE Discovery Services takes you on an 8-hour journey deeper into a specific solution to understand how it will fit in your current environment and future goals. We will provide a senior consultant for a day on-site to sit down with your data center and business leaders to build a roadmap together of what SUSE can do for you. This Services engagement aligns business and IT leaders and provides the opportunity to ensure the open source solution will provide the desired outcomes.

This is a great opportunity for you to ‘ask the expert’.   Our expert consultants will devise plans based on real-world experience.  After all, they are out there deploying these technologies and understand what pitfalls lie ahead.  Armed with this experience, you’ll be able to minimize pitfalls and maximize simplicity.

Personalize Transformation

The Discovery Service session is not a generic offering; it is personalized for your business.  In just 8 hours, through on-site interviews and whiteboarding sessions, we will uncover:

  • Understanding of where you are and where you want to be
  • Future mandates and projects over the next two years
  • High-level business outcomes
  • Gap Analysis (skills, resources, solutions)
  • Suggested solutions and integration options


Uncovering these inputs, SUSE Global Services can deliver a personalized report that is as unique as your business. Upon receipt of your report, you will learn:

  • Best practices tailored to your infrastructure
  • Suggested future-state architecture to get the outcome your business needs
  • High-level roadmap with progression steps

Planning for Success Today.  And Tomorrow.

Every successful journey must have a plan. By delivering a plan, our industry-leading consulting team can help you understand and decide what the next step is. And because we know that technology in this plan plays an integral part in each piece of your business, we will ensure that your investments are not just solving a problem today.  Your plan will help you position your business for the future.

So, we invite you to work with SUSE Global Services.  We look forward to collaborating with all parts of your business and aligning the correct SUSE solution to accelerate your business modernization.

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