Top 5 Ways SUSE is Supporting You in These Times


The world is facing an unprecedented threat, each of us are doing what we can to support the global response against COVID-19.

Here are the top 5 ways SUSE is stepping up to help:

  1. Free software & support – OS and Container

To help all organizations that are producing medical devices to fight COVID-19, SUSE is offering free services such as support and maintenance for its operating system and container technologies to be embedded in and run those medical devices. Available immediately, these solutions can help speed time to market for device manufacturers who are on the front lines of this fight against the pandemic. Read more here.

  1. Free education – Linux, SDS, Containers

As most of us are working from home these days, many techies have found more time to get online training. Beginning mid-April, SUSE will make available course content from select, existing training videos on the SUSE Technical Training YouTube channel. You can get trained on linux skills with sources such as SLES Administration and Clustering, or get trained on emerging tech such as software-defined storage, container administration, container application development. Read more here.

  1. Limited time Containers, Kubernetes & Storage offer

Pandemic has halted our world in its tracks in some ways, but competition doesn’t stop, if anything, it’s getting fiercer. Do you want to build applications faster to outpace your competitors? Then you should check out SUSE’s Accelerate Innovation offer. For a limited time, a special package of enterprise Kubernetes platform, with high productivity developer experience and enterprise storage is being made available to customers. Read more here.

  1. Work from Home Securely with Open Source

We are rolling out a SUSE Home Office Workplace solution. It offers rapid deployment of secure home workstations, SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop, integrated OpenVPN and central management with SUSE Manager – a free 60 day eval is now available. Read more here.

  1. Digital SUSECON – Everything but the Guinness

Details are now out on Digital SUSECON, coming to your home office on May 20th! With:

  • Inspirational keynotes about today’s world, our unique challenges and what open source companies can do to help
  • 150+ sessions of all types on Demand, to hear about tech trends like cloud migration, containers, Kubernetes, software defined storage and more
  • Personal interaction time with your presenters on innovation roadmaps
  • Dell is a major sponsor along with SAP, Microsoft and others – check out Dell’s sessions on joint solutions with SUSE
  • Don’t forget elements of quirkiness, fun, along with games and prizes just for you.

Sorry we have not perfected virtual conferencing enough to bring the Guinness to you yet, but hey, you can always heft a pint from your own office, J

Not quite making my top 5 list, but also very important is flexible payment terms. We also have a number of incentives specifically designed for those in government or airline, travel, transportation and tourism & leisure industries.

Speaking of flexible payment terms, Dell just announced a $9B initiative to help customers who are in need of help. With zero percent interest and deferred payment for 180 days, your critical projects do not need to be on hold. Dell has also many other efforts including direct donations worldwide, read more about Dell’s COVID related efforts here.

The human spirit is resilient, working together; we will triumph and build a better world.

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