Three Ways to Expand your Datacenter to Azure with SUSE Manager Management Pack for Microsoft System Center


SUSE Manager Management Pack for Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) empowers Windows admins to manage and patch their Linux estate from the Ops Manager console. The Management Pack connects to SUSE Manager’s rich APIs from SCOM and adds a number of Linux management capabilities such as patch review and install, availability of updates by type or affected systems, server reboot, remove command execution etc.

See the full list of Management Pack features and resources.

In addition to the more traditional management tasks above, SUSE Manager Management Pack enables customers to make certain technology choices and expand their workloads to a public cloud provider such as Azure. Here are some popular use cases:

  1. Customers may choose to go all public cloud. For example, there could be a new project or a subset of workloads which need to be added on demand. Customers could choose to deploy all this new computing power on Azure. At SUSE, we tested this scenario a few years ago and it is still up and running – we deployed an instance of SCOM, SUSE Manager and several Linux systems – all in Azure. We then “discovered” the Linux servers from both SUSE Manager and SCOM and added the Management Pack. This type of setup allows businesses to deploy additional compute power and utilize existing active licenses and subscriptions when on-prem hardware is decommissioned.
  2. Another options is to go hybrid. Keep the management solutions in-house and move the managed systems to Azure. We tested this too by use of a VPN connection from on-prem to Azure. Worked without a glitch. This type of setup is excellent for temporary projects or for expanding at your own place with little upfront cost.
  3. Any other combination which suits your business needs. Some options which come to mind are to deploy an instance of SUSE Manager Proxy into Azure. The main SUSE Manager server and SCOM can be on company premises and the outside connection can be only between SUSE Manager and SUSE Manager Proxy.



Just like in any cloud vs on-premise discussion, businesses are to evaluate their needs and resources first. SUSE Manager Management Pack adds extra flexibility to datacenters and opens the horizons for Windows admins to manage Linux workloads regardless of whether they are physical servers in an IT closet or highly efficient Azure virtual machines.

Find more information in the SUSE pages on the Management Pack and our white paper. Here is also a short video showing the Management Pack in action.

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