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The Team Behind The Team: Like the Raptors, Can a Secret Weapon Help Drive Your Success with SAP?


Raptors win!  Raptors win!  Those final seconds of game 6, as the Toronto Raptors won their first ever NBA championship, were as amazing for me as for so many Canadians.  It’s something we’ll never forget. And why it wasn’t surprising to see over 2M fans celebrate our beloved Canadian team’s success at the Raptor’s Championship Parade in Toronto this week.  Image result for raptors nba champions

But as I thought about the enormity of the players’ accomplishment, I couldn’t help but think about the many people behind the scenes who were so important to the pursuit of that championship dream. The coaches, trainers, back-office types — even the fans like me — all contributed in some way to the championship.  To me, they’re the Raptor’s secret weapon for achieving success.

That’s very similar to the way we see things at SUSE. Our customers are on the front lines — just like the Raptors players — working to get the most out of their SAP solutions to create success for their businesses. And we’re 100% committed to doing everything we can to help our customers WIN.  We’re the secret weapon working behind the scenes to drive success with SAP.

If you’re an SAP technical architect, you know what it’s like on those front lines. You’re promoting the CIO’s vision by driving innovations that help shape your company’s future. You’re balancing business imperatives with technical and budgetary restraints, and aligning people and resources to deliver on your enterprise SAP roadmap. All while personally maintaining wide-ranging expertise in SAP solutions, design, and new technologies.

The SUSE Toolkit for SAP Success

Just like the Raptors, though, you’re not alone. Here at SUSE, we’ve pulled together a wealth of tools and information in a single location to help you succeed. Specifically designed for SAP technical architects, our ‘Join the Best’ website lets you explore all the infrastructure options available to build your SAP digital core.

The website is organized based on the various SAP solution environments and gives you detailed information on how the SUSE Software-Defined Infrastructure (SDI) and Application Delivery Framework support those environments.

Technical architects soon discover that the level of detail provided makes the website such a compelling tool. 

For example, suppose you’d like to learn more about deploying SAP Business One version for SAP HANA. You simply start by clicking that block on the home page.

You’ll see links to valuable content around Software-Defined Infrastructure and SUSE Services that may be relevant for you – specifically Multimodal Operating System, Physical Infrastructure, Compute or Service & Support blocks. At the bottom of the page are links to white papers and case studies for you to take an in-depth look at key issues.

Looking for more?  It’s all here.

The SUSE Join the Best website also gives you access to SAP’s 2019 Market Overview white paper and the SUSE guide to a ‘Headache-Free Hybrid Approach to Adopting SAP HANA.’ It even offers a free ebook that details real customer case studies — companies in a range of industries (such as banking, healthcare, and manufacturing) that have successfully migrated to SAP HANA using SUSE Linux environments. After all, over 90% of all SAP HANA implementations run on SUSE!  (Bet you didn’t know that.)

SUSE: A Star Player on the SAP Team

Aside from all those SAP implementations on SUSE, there are many more reasons you should be running SUSE for SAP.

SAP uses SUSE. SUSE is SAP’s in-house implementation platform, used for internal operations and customer-facing services like HANA Enterprise Cloud and SAP Cloud Platform.

SUSE is open and flexible. We are the world’s largest open source provider, enabling customers to maintain control and flexibility. Our broad set of SDI, application delivery and infrastructure management and service solutions help customers evolve into a Digital Enterprise.

SUSE means innovation. We are an SAP co-innovation partner, providing a reference development platform for solutions like SAP Business One, SAP S/4HANA, and SAP Data Hub.

Our Goal: Your Success

As I counted down to the end the exciting and historic 2019 playoffs for the Toronto Raptors, the outcome was not certain. I didn’t know if they would win. But one thing I did know – the Raptors’ secret weapon was hard at work.  There was a professional, dedicated team behind the players, doing everything they could to help achieve ultimate success.

Just like what we at SUSE are doing for you — and why we created Join the Best. I hope you’ll visit us soon!


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