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The SUSE Academic Program Surpasses 500 participants globally


The end of summer often marks the start of a new academic year and SUSE has been working hard to reach more students than ever this coming year.

As growth for demand in open source skills continues, so has SUSE efforts to meet those needs. According to The Linux Foundation’s 2018 Open Source Jobs Report, “Linux is back on top as the most in-demand open source skill category, making it required knowledge for most entry-level open source careers”( ) . As a leading open source company, it is imperative that we provide the next generation of workers with the resources to become skilled in Linux and prepared for a demanding job market.

SUSE is making it easier than ever to become educated in Open Source and people from institutions of all kinds, including the University of Oxford, University College Dublin, to secondary schools, are all taking advantage. With classes in Linux, Open-Stack Cloud and Storage, academic institutions are able to teach students and train staff at no-cost. Most recently, a website redesign offers a more user-friendly platform for staff and students. No matter the size, structure or location, academic institutions of all types are benefiting from our program in a variety of ways.

Sharing in the “Open Open” mentality, the SUSE Academic Program is at no-cost and completely open to all academic institutions globally. We encourage all members of academic institutions to login or register at

Looking to learn more or need support in sharing the SUSE Academic Program?, You are always welcome to reach out to a program manager in your respected area.



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