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The SUSE Academic Program partners with The University of Lahore


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Many are excited about the opportunity to teach Linux to students, including the faculty at the University of Lahore. A newly established academic partnership allows for expansion of Linux and Open Source education at one of the largest private universities in Pakistan.

Working with the strategic projects and information technology office, the idea is to embed SUSE training and curriculum into elective and compulsory courses for students. Students taking these courses will be able to earn and receive a SUSE certificate alongside their university degree at graduation. With over 4000 students enrolled in various programs under the computing faculty, UOL is excited to leverage the SUSE Academic Program to advance the skills of future graduates.

The SUSE Academic Program provides the academic community with free access to on-demand training courses, curriculum and educational resources for both faculty and students. Along with access to training materials, SUSE provides access to resources and open source tools for software development. SUSE also offers a beneficial buying program allowing participants to purchase SUSE products at the right level of support, priced for educational institutions only.

Being a leading private university in the South Asia, our hope is this success will rub off on students and faculty from other technical colleges and universities in the region. The University of Lahore understands there is a shortage of engineers in the global job market and seeks to reduce this gap through training and education.

Sharing in the “Open Open” mentality, the SUSE Academic Program is at no-cost and completely open to all academic institutions globally. We encourage all members of academic institutions to register at

Looking to learn more or need support in sharing the SUSE Academic Program? You are always welcome to reach out to a program manager in your respected area.







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