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The Story of Unsung Heroes – SAP HANA and SUSE


As I was surfing the internet, as one does, I came across an article about what are the key characteristics of an unsung hero, apparently, it’s: humility, empathy, commitment, courage, and lastly – consistent excellence and teamwork.

This is a topic that I’m actually quite passionate about, because – SUSE is often the unsung hero in many digital transformation stories. The latest example: last week’s press release on how IBM Power Systems has been certified for the SAP HANA® Enterprise Cloud as a critical infrastructure platform.  Congratulations to our partners at IBM Power! But hey, did you know that SUSE played a role too? We are the operating system, or the unsung hero in this particular news story, 🙂 So let us humbly take a bow, clap ourselves on the back, and as the British say “Good on ya, or um, good on us?” 😛

2 key characteristics from the above list really played a big part in this story. Namely, commitment and consistent excellence/teamwork. As anyone who has gone through a platform certification process can attest, it is often a labor intensive process that is quite stringent – testing the underlying hardware platform to ensure it is compatible with specific software, operates as intended in critical situations and has the desired performance characteristics. Adjustments are often needed, and will require multiple parties to work together quite closely. That was exactly the scenario here, IBM, SAP and SUSE have been long term collaboration partners, with a lot of communication and embedded knowledge across the 3 engineering and support teams. The three teams worked closely for a number of months to bring this process to the fruition.

The result is more choice and flexibility for our joint customers. The SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud is a scalable and secured service designed to accelerate the customers’ evolution to the cloud. It delivers a comprehensive menu of services, and the full level of control clients could expect on premises, but now all in the cloud, in one privately managed environment. Win, win, win. As the #1 OS for SAP HANA, SUSE already has thousands of joint customers that have chosen to deploy HANA on IBM Power,  this just opens up one more path for those customers and new prospects who are interested in accelerating digital transformation, and possibly taking a hybrid cloud approach.



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