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The Storage Challenge


It is not a secret that the amount of data is growing and that there is more and more unstructured data, which needs to be stored properly. We are probably all familiar with this picture that was recently published in a TCO study for Storage solutions.


With Software-Defined Storage SUSE offers a technology that gives businesses the opportunity to stay ahead of their storage demands and on top of their business.

Not everyone is aware

The SUSE team in the Benelux region noticed that not all businesses are yet aware of this new technology; a lot of the more technical people we talk to see that technology is changing and that they need to act upon it. However higher up in the chain not all business leaders are yet aware. And in order to help the technical community to inform the other levels within businesses the seminar ‘The Storage Challenge” was born.

Last week it was the second time that SUSE and HPE organized this seminar for both clients and partners. In September we had our first event and after a lot of positive reactions from the attendees, the decision to organize a second one was fairly easy.

The seminar was there to inform the attendees about the changes in the storage market, to mark the urgency for companies to move along with those changes and to inform about the technology. Darren Soothill, SUSE’s Storage Technical Strategist, was available to guide the audience through the changing storage landscape, the ever-growing amount of data and the technology behind Storage defined Infrastructure. HPE took their part and talked about our joined solution from a hardware perspective. A fruitful discussion with the attendees was the result, next to the fact that they are now well informed about their possibilities with Storage Defined Infrastructure.

We are checking the options of organizing more of those sessions in the coming year. It is our duty as a thought leader to inform the market and doing this together with a solid partner like HPE is beneficial to everybody.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to you all!


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