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The Power of Many, Together for our Planet


As world leaders gather this fortnight at COP26 to grapple with complex climate issues, open source has been quietly tackling these same issues year after year.

The open source approach to solving sustainability challenges mirrors the open source approach to solving many of humankind’s toughest problems. Open source delivers timely, agile, ground-up innovation, that is a force for good.

Open source is, by its very nature, reactive to the most pressing problems and automatically dedicates resources to where they are most needed. Open source does not deal in targets, quotas and negotiation. It deals in action for good on a global basis.

It is about people powered teamwork, global collaboration and focusing resources where they are needed the most. Smart people share their ideas and wisdom rather than protecting knowledge and shrouding it in secrecy.

The impact of open source on sustainability issues is both broad and varied. On planet earth and in space as well as in a multitude of different industries.

Hypergiant is creating the reusable satellite fleet of the future with SUSE Rancher, tackling the growing concern around space junk and one time use of valuable resources.

Working with SUSE Linux, ZAMG models weather patterns and monitors earthquake activity, using data science to better understand the effects of climate change.

In India Supreme Petrochem believes business growth should not carry an unsustainable environmental cost and is working with SUSE solutions to drive growth, whilst reducing its carbon footprint.

Open source is supporting the creation of the sustainable finance industry of the future. Cardano, a leading pension provider, has partnered with SUSE Rancher to create energy savings of 75%.

The UK-based Science and Technology Facilities Council’s JASMIN supercomputer, running in SUSE Rancher, is being used to model inner city temperature changes in a bid to help plan the sustainable cities of the future.

This week we’ll profile five customers who are driving sustainability with open source. Click here to find out more about how open source is saving the planet, one line of code at a time.

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