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The OpenStack User Survey is now open


The 2019 OpenStack User Survey is now open and waiting for your input. Whether you’re a user of OpenStack, or an operator utilising it to power your offerings, the OpenStack Foundation (and the rest of the community) want to hear about your usage.

2018 saw the 11th OpenStack User Survey unveiled at the Berlin OpenStack Summit, giving some fantastic insight into how and where people are using OpenStack across 63 different countries. Usage in Asia surged dramatically in 2018, with 48% of respondents based in that continent, with Europe 2nd at 26% and North America 3rd with 20% of respondents.

We see businesses in many different verticals using SUSE OpenStack Cloud including fabric manufacturing, hosting services and scientific research. The 2018 OpenStack User Survey showed that it was mostly highly utilised in IT, with academic and research establishments coming second. Telecoms, finance, government/defense and retail were also well represented. Unsurprisingly, Kubernetes was the number one container orchestration framework running on OpenStack, and anyone attending the recent Open Infrastructure Summit in Denver would have seen plenty of evidence for this in the number of talks that referenced Kubernetes.

This insight helps the engineers and developers working on OpenStack to better target their efforts, giving respondents the opportunity to influence the community and the direction that the software moves in.

No matter how big or small your OpenStack deployment is, whether it’s in production or just a staging environment, we want to hear from you. Visit the survey homepage, and take a few minutes to share your story. It’s open until Thursday 22nd August, and the results will be revealed at the Shanghai Open Infrastructure Summit in November 2019.



  • Avatar photo Hamid Seif says:

    Since my first encounter in 2012 with openstack in dev environment, I never ceased to wonder on the first and to me most important stage or boarding phase being the deployment of the cloud which is so vague multiple spin-offs and methods and still daunting for the people trying to get hold of the stuffs. Honestly it is enough for a veteran to be intimidated only looking at the documents section. You might think at this stage that I am just another boring nagging person who is repeating the others words but seriously and honestly am not. I would love to see some efforts not at the features but establishing the road path for fresh-faces and people who want to try out this great solution. I know of the triple-o efforts and earlier RDO but honestly there are bunch of other tries and still not a clean and easy task of integrating installation of the core services and ability to add the rest of the features in a solid and methodical way.
    In the end I appreciate and have great respect for this collaborative effort and wish truly see that it build up the foundation of all the cloud solution in the future why not ? why it can’t be the could virtualizations’ KVM ?
    Thank You

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