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The Openness Continues: SUSECON Day 2 Recap


We recovered quickly from an amazing country western themed conference party in the technology showcase last night that featured guest appearances from Dolly Parton and Johnny Cash.  Hundreds filled the ballroom and we kicked off the show with a video from one of our SUSECON parody song winners “It’s SUSE I Love”.


Michael Miller then took the stage, provided an overview of the day and then welcomed Dr. Thomas Di Giacomo, President of Engineering, Product and Innovation to the stage.  But before diving into this discussion for the day, Thomas introduced a new SUSE video instructing everyone on the proper way to say “SUSE”. 


Thomas then presented briefly on how video games can help describe key aspects of digital transformation, how video games have evolved over time, linking this evolution to why businesses need a hybrid and multi cloud approach that can evolve over time with their needs.


Thomas then welcomed Dan Lahl, VP of Product Marketing at SAP out to the stage to discuss how SAP and SUSE are better together for customers.  Here are a few take-a-ways.

  • SAP’s digital transformation vision is end-to-end cloud delivery data and applications
  • Underneath this vision lies open source: Linux, Kubernetes, Openstack, Cloudfoundry, ML
  • SUSE/SAP have a 20 year history partnering on best of breed open source solutions
  • When SAP goes to innovate they innovate on open source
  • When they need to move from innovation to enterprise grade… they go with SUSE

We then premiered a video that displays SUSE and SAP collaborating…but not in a way you’re used to.  Check it out below.


Hiro Kishimoto, Ph.D. of Fujitsu then joined Michael on stage to discuss the history of the 20-year partnership between Fujitsu and SUSE.  To summarize:

  • Fujitsu has been dealing with server business as one of the key business areas for computing products and also designed and developed x86 servers for many years in Germany, where SUSE has development team. Then, close relationship with SUSE came about as a natural result
  • Fujitsu and SUSE expanded their relationship through the global Strategic Alliance agreement in 2016, focused on collaborative development of offerings in mission-critical and also emerging area
  • Fujitsu has made a continuous commitment and contribution to OSS communities and also provided open source based offering for enterprise customers. SUSE Business Critical Linux is a good example of such offerings for Mission Critical usage, which is jointly developed with SUSE through our strategic alliance.


Michael again ended with a few housekeeping items reminding everyone of the party tonight at the Wildhorse Saloon where the infamous SUSEband will be performing live!  You don’t want to miss it!  Stay tuned for a recap of day 3 featuring our very own Americas CTO Brent Shroeder, partners TCS and Microsoft and of course, DEMOPALOOZA!  Watch the full keynote replays below.  And continue to follow the action via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and


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