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Test, Test and more Test!


In today’s fast pace lifestyle we seem to be permanently getting new products, new software in our lives.  At times it seems like magic that these things work, but behind the scenes are huge numbers of people who are making sure that the product or software you are getting has passed certain standards and to do this have passed vigorous testing.  This obviously is a key part of the open source community culture.

Without that community driving that testing and adapting and fixing of solutions you wouldn’t be benefiting from the great open source technology that we see today.  And obviously we continually make sure at SUSE that the open source products we bring to market are suitable for your enterprise business and give you the support choices you need to keep your business online and running.


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In marketing, testing may seem a little way off but actually that’s not true at all.   My team has the huge responsibility of developing and maintaining the website.  Why is it a big responsibility?  Mainly because we want to make sure that all our customers know exactly where they can find things –The right information at the right time to help them make choices or decisions for their business.

That’s why we are always testing.  From checking that our navigation supports you finding the information you need quickly, from being sure that each page gives you what you expect for the type of information, to even testing visuals performance so that things are easy to read or visuals support your expectations.

But as with every testing program what we always need are willing volunteers (victims!) to support the testing we run and to help us understand how we can support you better.

The good news for you is that you get to help shape the future of our website but also we normally add an incentive for your support in helping us work out what we need to change.

If you’d like to become a tester for us then we’re always looking for new people so please sign up and join a unique crowd of people who are changing the direction of our website.


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