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Test OpenStack in AWS: So Easy, My Cat Could Do It.


PorchCat. She could do it…. she just doesn’t want to.

We talk to a lot of customers who are looking to set up a private cloud environment and want to evaluate OpenStack. We also talk to a lot of partners who want to test their software solutions with SUSE OpenStack Cloud to enable a customer opportunity or engage in joint go to market with SUSE. SUSE OpenStack Cloud is the easiest way to deploy OpenStack, a statement back up by three consecutive #1 finishes in the Rule the Stack contest at the OpenStack Summit. As straightforward as SUSE OpenStack Cloud is to deploy in your lab, there’s no easier way than using the updated SUSE OpenStack Cloud blueprint on ravellosystems.com. Ravello is a SUSE partner that delivers HVX, a distributed hypervisor infrastructure that enables an enterprise to completely encapsulate a multi-VM application and run it on any cloud (e.g., Amazon Web Services and Google Compute Platform) without any changes whatsoever.

The SUSE OpenStack Cloud blueprint is a snapshot of the entire environment, including multiple VMs and their networking definitions. Using this blueprint on Ravello you can click one button and spin up an entire live environment from a blueprint in either AWS or Google cloud in ~5 minutes. The blueprint gives you 3VMs, 6 vCPUs, 12GB RAM and 150GB storage for only $0.75 per hour. Deploy the blueprint, test it out, then shut it down and pay for only the time you use.

If you’re an ISV developing OpenStack solutions or a business evaluating OpenStack for your private cloud environment, there’s no easier way to get started with SUSE. All you need is a Ravello account (hint: they provide 14 days for free ;-), then follow the instructions here (written for version 4; just upload the latest blueprint to your library) and you’ll be up and running in no time.

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