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SUSE is introducing a technology preview for managing IBM z/VM with SUSE OpenStack Cloud 7.

Historically, SUSE OpenStack Cloud has focused on Intel based hypervisors like XEN, KVM, VMWare and Hyper-V.  We are looking to improve SUSE OpenStack’s support of IBM Z and LinuxONE but we need your feedback.

What’s new about this?

You are now able to run all the SUSE OpenStack components on IBM Z and LinuxONE. Cloud 6 supported z/VM but the OpenStack control plane had to run on an Intel-based server.  Customers were not excited about needing an Intel-based server controlling z/VM.

Example deployment

I worked with Alberto Planas Dominguez on the SUSE OpenStack Engineering team to test the z/VM integration in SUSE OpenStack Cloud 7.  The results of our efforts was demoed during a meeting of the Open Mainframe Project’s IaaS Private Cloud project.  We developed a cookbook – Deploying SUSE OpenStack Cloud 7 to manage IBM z/VM – to make it easier to deploy the tech preview.

If you are interested…

A no-cost technical preview is available to anyone that would like to try SUSE OpenStack Cloud 7 managing IBM z/VM.  SUSE does not provide support or consulting for deployments of a technical preview but I can assist with my experience and knowledge.  More information about SUSE OpenStack Cloud is available at

Let us know you that are interested in trying SUSE OpenStack Cloud managing z/VM and tell us if it fits your needs.

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