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Test drive managing z/VM with SUSE OpenStack Cloud 7







SUSE is introducing a technology preview for managing IBM z/VM with SUSE OpenStack Cloud 7.

Historically, SUSE OpenStack Cloud has focused on Intel based hypervisors like XEN, KVM, VMWare and Hyper-V.  We are looking to improve SUSE OpenStack’s support of IBM Z and LinuxONE but we need your feedback.

What’s new about this?

You are now able to run all the SUSE OpenStack components on IBM Z and LinuxONE. Cloud 6 supported z/VM but the OpenStack control plane had to run on an Intel-based server.  Customers were not excited about needing an Intel-based server controlling z/VM.

Example deployment

I worked with Alberto Planas Dominguez on the SUSE OpenStack Engineering team to test the z/VM integration in SUSE OpenStack Cloud 7.  The results of our efforts was demoed during a meeting of the Open Mainframe Project’s IaaS Private Cloud project.  We developed a cookbook – Deploying SUSE OpenStack Cloud 7 to manage IBM z/VM – to make it easier to deploy the tech preview.

If you are interested…

A no-cost technical preview is available to anyone that would like to try SUSE OpenStack Cloud 7 managing IBM z/VM.  SUSE does not provide support or consulting for deployments of a technical preview but I can assist with my experience and knowledge.  More information about SUSE OpenStack Cloud is available at https://www.suse.com/products/suse-openstack-cloud.

Let us know you that are interested in trying SUSE OpenStack Cloud managing z/VM and tell us if it fits your needs.

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Michael FrieseneggerMike is a solutions architect in the SUSE Global Customer Organization. He works with the global IBM Alliance and closely with many groups in IBM to identify, test and document joint solutions that help SUSE and IBM create unique value in the marketplace. His specialties include IBM Z, LinuxONE and Power Systems, Real Time Linux, High Availability and as a SUSE SAP Champion focused on SAP solutions using SUSE technologies.