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Tell your #LinuxStories, Win a "Linux 25th Birthday" T-Shirt


Can you believe that Linux — the versatile operating system kernel that powers everything from mainframes to phones to crock pots (no joke) — is 25 years old? Who knew this amazing piece of Free and Open Source Software would be used in such different and amazing ways? Or that it would dominate the computing world all this time later?

LinuxAt25And, yet, here we are. 25 years on. Call it a hunch, but I bet a lot of you have some pretty amazing stories from the last quarter century of Linux.

So, we’re having a contest! We call it, simply, “#LinuxStories”.

The top 25 winners (25 winners for 25 years) each get a fancy-shmancy “Happy 25th Birthday, Linux” T-Shirt.

The rules are quick and easy:

1) Go to Twitter (yes, you’ll need a Twitter account for this). Post your favorite story about Linux.

2) Include the hashtag “#LinuxStories” and “@SUSE” in your posts so we can find it easily when we’re choosing the winners. (Simply including “#LinuxStories @SUSE” at the end of your tweet will get the job done.)

That’s it! A tiny, 140 character (well… 120 character plus the “#LinuxStories @SUSE” part) tweet of a funny, inspirational, weird, historical, or highly technical story about Linux.

HappyBirthdayShirtsMaybe you’d like to tell the story about how you first found out about Linux. Maybe you once saved your company’s server through a little act of Linux magic. Perhaps you went on a cross-country road trip in a Linux-powered car.

If you’ve got a cool Linux story, we want to hear it. And, if it’s cool enough, we’ll give you a Linux Birthday shirt.

The contest runs for 2 weeks — ending September 9th.  Winners will be announced, on the SUSE Blog, the following Monday (September 12th).


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  • victorhck says:

    Since I’m not Twitter user, and I use GNUsocial, I wanted to share my #LinuxStories here:

    Thanks to SUSE I was able to go to SUSE headquarters in Nuremberg and meet others openSUSE contributors in a great “hackathon”. Was a GREAT opportunity.
    Share it’s the key word here, share not only software, but experiences, knowledge… and a lot of fun!!

    Happy hacking

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