Taskbar Buttons Showing for Applications in Current Desktop Only


PROBLEM: When I first started running linux I was fascinated by the multiple workspaces/desktops. The main reason being that I’m a multitasker, and thought multiple workspaces would provide me with the ability to keep my desktop clean. I was sorely dissapointed to find out that windows opened on other workspaces remained in the taskbar on all workspaces.

SOLUTION: This is a fairly simple fix.


1) Right-click the taskbar (kpanel) and select “Configure Panel…” [This will open a new window Entitled “Configure – KDE Panel”]

2) In the menu on the left select “Taskbar”

3) Deselect “Show windows from all desktops”

4) Apply and OK to exit


1) Right-click the taskbar handle (Window List) at the very bottom left of the screen (provided it’s still in the default position) and select “Properties…” [This will open a new window titled “Window List Preferences”]

2) Check the radio button “Show windows from current workspace”

3) Close to apply settings and exit

That’s it. You’re now ready to enjoy an uncluttered desktop.

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