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Take a look at SUSE Cloud Application Platform. What do you see?


Today, at the OpenStack Summit in Sydney Australia, we launched SUSE Cloud Application Platform, a modern application delivery platform used by software development and operations teams to streamline lifecycle management of traditional and new cloud native applications.  This launch follows earlier previews of the platform, and exposes another perspective on what makes this offering so interesting and valuable.

SUSE originally previewed SUSE Cloud Application Platform in September, at SUSECON in Prague, where SUSE customers and partners got a good look at how SUSE has brought together Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes, building a complete application delivery solution based on enterprise grade Linux.  Enthusiasm ran high, as attendees expressed deep appreciation for a solution that supports multiple models for delivering container-based applications, while also bringing SUSE Linux Enterprise-based integrity into the application delivery realm.

In October, at the Cloud Foundry Summit in Basel Switzerland, SUSE Cloud Application Platform again made headlines.  The key attraction for the Cloud Foundry crowd, quick to grasp the technical details, was the unique way that SUSE has containerized the Cloud Foundry platform, integrating the SUSE Cloud Foundry distribution with Kubernetes, which serves as the platform’s underlying management technology.  Because SUSE Cloud Foundry runs in lightweight containers, rather than in virtual machines, is consumes a fraction of the memory footprint of other distributions, and is faster to recover and scale.  Moreover, with this approach SUSE enables enterprises to leverage their existing investments in Kubernetes to more easily bring Cloud Foundry into their environments.

Today, at the OpenStack Summit, attendees are seeing yet another face of SUSE Cloud Application Platform: that of a team player in a winning portfolio of IT transformation software from SUSE. As enterprise IT organizations increasingly embrace the role of internal cloud service provider, many are looking to deliver OpenStack-based infrastructure services, Kubernetes-based container services, and Cloud Foundry-based application platform services.  The idea of offering this full range of cloud services, all using a single, coherent and integrated, enterprise-grade software stack is extremely compelling.  Here at the OpenStack Summit, SUSE is showcasing a portfolio of offerings that answer that need beautifully.  At the top of that stack, SUSE Cloud Application Platform delivers SUSE Cloud Foundry integrated with the SUSE Kubernetes distribution, SUSE CaaS Platform, and SUSE Enterprise Storage.  SUSE OpenStack Cloud also includes Kubernetes, offering both infrastructure and container services out-of-the-box, and can be used to provide infrastructure to SUSE Cloud Application Platform.  The complete stack is delivered with the enterprise hardening required for production use in enterprises today.

So, what is SUSE Cloud Application Platform?

  • An enterprise-grade platform that supports multiple approaches to accelerating application delivery?
  • An innovative integration of Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes technologies, that is lean, efficient, and easy to manage?
  • A key component of an IT transformation strategy, that integrates into a complete software defined infrastructure and application delivery framework?

SUSE Cloud Application Platform is all of these.  And more.  Take a look, and see for yourself.

Visit suse.com/product/cloud-application-platform

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