By: paulgear

December 14, 2009 11:31 pm


What the world needs now is a better SMT

What’s wrong with SMT? What’s right with SMT? What does SMT need to do better?

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By: ataschner

December 10, 2009 10:23 am


Upgrading Subscription Management Tool from version 1.0 to 1.1

Are you among the many administrators of an SMT 1.0 server that is servicing numerous clients and – excited about the new features in SMT 1.1 ?
You would like to upgrade it, but there is no documented way of doing it and you would hate to have to mirror all those hundreds of gigabytes of mirrored update repositories again ?
Then read on.

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By: jrecord

August 22, 2008 6:50 pm


By: variia

August 15, 2008 1:12 pm


Advanced Update Server Mirroring including OES

Complete guide for mirroring SLES10, SLED10, OES2 update servers, create network installation sources, upgrade sources, etc.

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By: ataschner

August 15, 2008 11:50 am


Keep your SUSE Linux Desktops, Servers and OES Servers Updated with Subscription Management Tool for SUSE Linux Enterprise

If you have reservations about your current update management alternatives, check this out. The new Subscription Management Tool for SUSE Linux Enterprise doesn’t force you to connect all your machines to Novell Customer Center, helps with servers in isolated networks, improves on YUP, and much more.

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By: jrecord

April 11, 2008 1:37 pm


Rollback SLES Online Updates with Software RAID1

Learn how to rollback a failed SLES online update using software RAID1 on the system disk.

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