If you know someone who is interested in upgrading their systems to Linux, this lxer.com thread may be of interest. A user named sharkscott decided to jump from Windows to Linux cold turkey. This thread outlines his experiences.


“This journal of sorts, is not an attempt to push one distro or another. I tried a lot of different Linuxes and once I tried SUSE 9.1 I was hooked. I just liked and continue to like, the feel of it. For some reason I can get around my desktop and change all kinds of stuff on it easily. It made learning how to use my Linux system easier. I know that people have reasons why they like Gnome or KDE, a lot of it technical, and I don’t understand any of it. All I know, is that about an hour after I had 9.1 up and running, I knew that it was never coming off…until I put 9.2 on it:-)”

Read the entire article here.

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