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Switching to GroupWise on SLES delivers 99.9 percent uptime


Without a unified e-mail solution, employees of the City of Saint Paul had difficulty communicating across different departments. Finding employees that were running other e-mail systems was often challenging, and users were unable to schedule meetings and resources across the organization.

Each department was managing its own e-mail platform, and many of these systems experienced virus attacks and downtime. The IT staff also had to manually create and update its employee address book to consolidate users across disparate systems. The City wanted to implement a unified collaboration system with high availability that would give its users reliable communication, regardless of location.

The City of Saint Paul created several user teams to evaluate nearly 10 different e-mail solutions including Microsoft* Exchange and Lotus Notes*. The agency considered both proprietary and open source solutions before selecting Novell GroupWise to run on its Microsoft Windows* desktops.

“Novell GroupWise runs on Linux and that was a key part of our decision,” said Darlene Guy, IS Systems Consultant for the City of Saint Paul. “Linux is a preferred platform for the City and an essential part of our future.”

After gathering requirements and completing several hands-on evaluations, users found that Novell GroupWise met all its feature requirements. The product also received high marks for its intuitive client interface and ease of use.

“Novell GroupWise came bundled with more than any other product we reviewed,” said Guy. “Other solutions would have required us to purchase additional components to get all the functionality we wanted.”

Moving to Novell GroupWise running on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server provides the City of Saint Paul with a unified and secure e-mail platform. The City now has 99.9 percent uptime and greater protection against virus attacks.

With a single address book, users can easily communicate with employees across the organization. The City was also able to consolidate servers by 75 percent and greatly reduce IT administration time. Now the IT staff can devote more time to providing additional services and training for its users.

“Without Novell GroupWise, we would have had to pay a lot more for another solution,” said Guy. “We would have also paid a lot more for training, and would have required at least twice as many administrators.”

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