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SUSE’s Place in an Embedded World


Between February 27th and March 1st more than 30,000 people from over 70 countries will converge on the convention center in Nürnberg, Germany for the world’s largest conference and exhibition of Embedded technologies.

Just in case you were wondering why your hotel rate may be so high in the city this week, consider the fact that 30,000 people is roughly 17% of Nürnberg’s population. In other words, this is a massive event.

To the credit of the organizers, Embedded World itself has maintained its focus on embedded technologies since it started in 2003, and this year is no exception. As the applications for embedded systems have evolved, the event has continued to naturally expand and align its industry scope. This week, the conference sessions and participating companies will highlight trends and technologies ranging from IoT platforms and real time embedded operating systems to augmented reality and virtualization.

SUSE Embedded Solutions

There is no question that the use of, and demand for, secure and reliable embedded systems is growing. As a leader in open source technologies, and with working embedded solutions across a wide range of industries, SUSE is making it easier than ever to build powerful and flexible embedded operating systems using SUSE Linux Enterprise Server as the foundation. With access to enterprise grade tools and support, companies are able maximize the benefits of a world-class Linux distribution in order to increase focus on innovation, operate with greater efficiency, and lower total cost of ownership.

If you don’t know much about SUSE’s embedded solutions, this is the perfect venue to learn more. If you’ll be at Embedded World this week, be sure to stop by our booth in Hall 4, Stand 4-158B, or send us an email ( to schedule a time to talk with someone from our team.

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