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SUSE’s Commitment to Combat COVID-19


Open source is rooted in community – through unwavering collaboration, compassion, and innovation our global communities are stepping up to support those who are and may be affected by COVID-19. High performance computing, crowdsourcing, hackathons, and innovative tracking are all helping us win this unprecedented fight. From myself and everyone at SUSE, thank you for being the difference.

SUSE is proud to be part of the open source community, and we are committed to doing our part to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. I am thrilled to share that SUSE is offering operating systems and container technologies for organizations that are producing medical devices to fight COVID-19. I encourage you all to read the press release below for more information about this new initiative. To learn more about this offer, please contact SUSE at

I passionately believe that we are stronger than ever when we work together to build solutions that tackle the world’s greatest challenges. Our open source community was built to handle moments like this, and together, we will persevere.


SUSE Offers Free Operating System and Container Technologies to
Medical Device Manufacturers Fighting COVID-19

  • SUSE is offering free services for its open source operating system and container technologies to help speed time to market for medical device manufacturers
  • Customers in the pharmaceutical, research and laboratory space are already using SUSE technologies in their fight against COVID-19 


PLANET EARTH – March 25, 2020 – SUSE®, the world’s largest independent open source software company, has made a commitment to help all organizations that are producing medical devices to fight COVID-19. To that end, SUSE is offering free services such as support and maintenance for its operating system and container technologies to be embedded in and run those medical devices. These SUSE solutions are available immediately to help speed time to market for device manufacturers.

“The current global pandemic requires more from us than simply trying to survive as companies and individuals,” said SUSE CEO Melissa Di Donato. “We are determined to help others as much as we can, doing what we do best. We have cutting-edge open source technology and know-how that can help others in the fight to save lives, and we will share it immediately and without charge. Our customers, partners and communities know of and share our commitment to making a difference – and that extends to our neighbors and fellow human beings around the world.”

SUSE Linux Enterprise is an operating system that can be built into, and help run, various kinds of devices, hardware and appliances. SUSE Embedded Linux features an optimized system footprint for specific products, including medical devices.

Container technologies from SUSE include SUSE CaaS Platform, which allows companies to use Kubernetes to more easily deploy and manage container-based applications and services, and SUSE Cloud Application Platform, which brings an advanced cloud native developer experience to Kubernetes so companies can get applications to the cloud and devices to market faster. These technologies bring security and reliability to any device they run on or manage.

SUSE customers in the pharmaceutical and research space, along with national laboratories all over the world, are already using supercomputers running SUSE Linux Enterprise to find solutions to issues posed by COVID-19, including prevention, treatment and cures.

Those interested in learning more about the offer of SUSE to help fight COVID-19 should contact SUSE at


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