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SUSECON Digital (halfway) – I’m with the Band!


When I last posted, about a month before SUSECON, I was a little bit worried. As with any event, you’re never quite certain how things are going to turn out. I should not have worried…
After over 53,000 of you read my post (thank you!) we worked night and day to finish recording, polishing, posting and hosting the best content we have ever had the pleasure to serve up at a SUSECON event. And when we opened the virtual doors on May 20, thousands of you poured through those doors to get a taste of what we were serving. (So many, in fact, that we had some troubles getting the login info out to some people – my very sincere apologies for that!) So after nine days of offering open source for the enterprise on a silver platter, here’s a quick recap of where we stand:

Top SUSECON content in the first week:

As of this writing, we have 160 pieces of video content posted on SUSECON Digital for your enjoyment, along with nearly 200 downloadable documents for your reading pleasure!

Of course the opening day led with a keynote from our CEO, Melissa Di Donato. It was epic. Thousands of you watched it the first day (it was the #1 video). So if you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend it. Paul Devlin (our Chief Customer Officer) and Dr. Thomas Di Giacomo (President of Engineering + Innovation) also offered up some great keynotes that give you a very clear picture of what SUSE stands for and where we are headed. I couldn’t be more proud to be with SUSE at a time when we have such amazing leadership guiding SUSE into the next stage of our story.

But SUSECON is all about the tech, right? After our big launch, we posted an additional 30 new sessions this last Wednesday (all Case Studies and Best Practice tutorials).
You have to see it for yourself, but just to whet your appetite, here are the Top 10 sessions (by viewership) so far at SUSECON Digital 2020:

  1. A demo based introduction to SUSE Cloud Application Platform [TUT-1126]
  2. SLES 15 SP2 – What’s coming? [TUT-1278]
  3. An introduction to Stratos: The hybrid cloud management solution [TUT-1407]
  4. Prometheus, Grafana & SUSE Manager 4: How to securely automate the configuration of monitoring on large environments [TUT-1363]
  5. Application delivery: Kubernetes Is NOT enough [BOV-1180]
  6. Bootstrapping SLES for SAP HANA & NetWeaver clusters with Terraform & Salt on public clouds [TUT-1092]
  7. Containers today & beyond [TUT-1208]
  8. Ceph in a Windows world [TUT-1121]
  9. Set up, secure, & support your SAP environments with SUSE Manager [SUP-1252]
  10. Best Practices in deploying SUSE CaaS Platform [BP-1115]

Watch this list – I’ll let you know who the winners are when it’s all over!

What’s still to come?

We’re not done yet – not by a long shot. Next Wednesday, June 03, we’ll post 30 new sessions, focusing on Developer content, Support content and Hands-on Labs (you can get out your own laptop and follow along from home).

Then finally on June 10, we’ve saved some of the best for last. Be sure to check out an additional 30 sessions comprised of the most anticipated Technical Tutorials and Business Overview sessions.

And don’t forget – it’s more than just a tech glut

I hope you had a chance to stop by two unique sections of SUSECON Digital (check the left-hand menu to find these). In our “Root for a Cause” section we highlighted two incredible organizations that are truly making a difference in the world:

Focus Ireland

Focus Ireland is an organization that works with young people, families and individuals and offers advice, support, education and housing to help people find and keep a home. In 2019, they worked with over 15,500 people. We had planned a yoga fundraiser for them at our Dublin event, but Covid won that battle. Please take a look at their video and see if you can find it in your heart to help. We welcome your donation on our fundraiser landing page. 100% of your donation will go to Focus Ireland.

The Lewis Pugh Foundation

The Lewis Pugh Foundation is taking action to protect our oceans, working to preserve and conserve them for a peaceful and sustainable future. Lewis Pugh uses the unifying power of sport to bridge divides and create a climate for negotiation and understanding. And by that, I mean he swims in really, really, really cold water. Like melting glaciers and the Antarctic. You HAVE to watch the video. It will change your life.

Finally, the “Take a Break” section is there to give your brain a little downtime and distraction as we feature some of the fun musical parodies that the famous SUSE band has done over the years for SUSECON. The Band members are SUSE employees found walking the halls at SUSECON and delivering technical sessions on a variety of topics. When they perform their SUSECON concerts, it’s a front row seat for everyone. Some fans even try to take the stage.  I tried to stop someone once and he just looked at me and said – “Hey, I’m with the Band!”

I have been asked by hundreds of people if the Band is going to do a new song for SUSECON Digital, and I am very pleased to announce that the answer is YES there is a new song!!! We will debut a very light-hearted and catchy new parody next Wednesday, June 03. You will not want to miss this one – it’s a toe-tapper that will keep you smiling and whistling for weeks!

Well, that’s about it. Don’t forget that all of our content is served up on demand and will be available through September 19. If you registered and lost your unique PIN code to access, just go straight to the SUSECON Digital platform site and request a new one (the “Forgot PIN” button).

And if you haven’t registered yet – what are you waiting for???


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