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SUSECON Digital – Everything You Hoped For (Except the Guinness)


For nearly a decade, I have been very fortunate to lead the SUSECON team at SUSE. We have enjoyed double-digit attendance growth every year, and along the way we have made both fans and lifelong friends. Everyone who attends SUSECON comes away with great memories. When asked what the best things about the event were, they reply, “outstanding technical content, open access to subject matter experts, and a true feeling of community.”

A few weeks ago, for reasons we all know too well, we were presented with a challenge: create an on-line experience that will deliver outstanding technical content, allow for open access to the people who create that content, and still maintain a feeling of community. Since that time, we have been hard at work to create a virtual SUSECON experience that will be as memorable as our live event.

Here’s what we’ll deliver to you starting on May 20:

  • Inspirational, engaging keynotes from some of the amazing people who are driving innovation at SUSE today:
    • Melissa Di Donato – our unstoppable CEO
    • Thomas Di Giacomo – our own infamous “Dr. T” who leads the Engineering & Innovation team at SUSE
    • Daniel Nelson – leader of the product management team the defines product direction
    • Brent Schroeder – a CTO who’s willing to get his hands dirty and personally lead the demo team!
  • 150+ sessions of all types:
    • High-level business and technology overviews
    • Tutorials so technical you’ll feel like you are back in school!
    • Troubleshooting walk-throughs
    • Deployment case studies
    • Roadmap sessions to help you glimpse the future of open source solutions
    • We’re bringing the famous Hands-On Lab content into the virtual setting so that you can still walk through a physical product experience.
    • The session content delivery will start on May 20, and we will add new sessions weekly through June.
  • Personal interaction time with session presenters from the SUSE engineering and product management teams. The people who actually create the tech you use will be available to answer your questions. Try to stump the experts with questions about how things works, why it does what it does, and where they are taking innovation next.
  • Many sponsors will join us in the on-line experience to demonstrate the strength of the open source solutions we offer together.
    • You will hear from industry leaders at Microsoft Azure, Fujitsu, Dell, and SAP in our keynote line-up.
    • Breakout sessions presented by Amazon, HPE, Polyverse, SaltStack, SIOS Technology, Supermicro and others will help you understand the strength of an open source ecosystem dedicated to making the world a better place.
  • Thought leadership content from some of these partners, as well as key SUSE customers and executives. They will sit down with industry analysts to discuss their role in shaping the future of IT, and how they have come to Be the Difference in the world around them.
  • An active social networking environment where you can network with other attendees and SUSE employees (as much or as little as you like!)
  • And of course, we won’t forget that it’s the elements of quirkiness, fun, and relaxation that make SUSECON special. Be prepared for some content that you just wouldn’t expect from a serious tech conference, along with games and prizes to help keep things hopping!

The full SUSECON Digital experience will be available on your desktop or mobile device. And best of all – it’s all FREE starting May 20!

Join us!

We will throw open the virtual doors and welcome the SUSECON family back with everything you would have had at SUSECON in Dublin. Well, almost everything – you’ll have to provide your own Guinness… ?

I hope you’ll join thousands of your colleagues on May 20 to meet SUSE engineers, product managers, solution designers, software architects, and support professionals. Our passion is to turn lines of code into solutions that empower business, educational institutions, governments and individuals to be the difference in the world around them.

Sign up for the on-line experience today.

See you at SUSECON Digital!


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