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SUSECON 2017 Day 1 Highlights


An incredible opening day here at SUSECON 2017 in Prague. Michael Miller, SUSE President of Strategy, Alliances and Marketing, welcomed everyone  and introduced us to what it really means to be an open company. He reviewed some of the significant developments for SUSE over the last year, including the acquisition of HPE talent and technology, the delivery of a Container as a Service offering, and a new announcement of  a Platform as a Service offering!

Michael was joined on stage by Nils Brauckmann, SUSE CEO, who continued his tradition of demonstrating just how open SUSE really is about everything we do. Watch the opening keynote for yourself here!

In the News!

SUSE also had a huge number of important announcements today including:

  • New SUSE solutions help speed application delivery – SUSE announces SUSE CaaS Platform 2, to be followed by SUSE Cloud Application Platform Check out the news here.
  • SUSE Collaborates with SAP to Power SAP® Cloud Platform for Enterprise Customers. Check out the news here.
  • SUSE Enterprise Storage 5 – Faster, more efficient and simpler to manage  Read about the release here.
  • SUSE Unveils New Capabilities to Help Customers Running Workloads in SAP® Software Approach Zero Downtime   Read the  news
  • Huawei and SUSE Collaborate to Deliver a Mission Critical Server, Setting a New Standard for Reliability –  Read

SUSE Sphere

As you couldn’t make it to the show in person watch some of the great short videos with the really important people, the presenters, coming to you over the next few days.  The SUSE Sphere will be bringing you all the news on the fun sessions we’re running here this year.

Check out the first few of these:

Developer Lounge

This year at SUSECON we have a special treat for everyone, besides state of the art breakout sessions, the famous SUSE band, or the well known Demopalooza coming Thursday! Additionally this year we are have a super cool and nerdy Developer Lounge, open all day, packed with even more nerdy stuff and people showcasing where the cool stuff happens!

See more details here as Hannes Kuehnemund walks us around the lounge.

Join us tomorrow for another exciting installment from SUSECON 2017 or check out!

The SUSECON 2017 Team



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