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SUSECon 2016: From Git to Cloud – SUSE’s vision for agile software development and deployment


If you have visions, go to a doctor!” Really? Peter Chadwick & Joachim Werner from SUSE’s Product Management Team presented at SUSECon 2016 their vision of agile software development and deployment in the Software Defined Datacenter. Software Defined Data Center? Yes, “a software-defined, scalable, secure, agile and highly reliable IT infrastructure”, that brings together OPS and Dev.

DevOps has been a buzz word for quite a while, i.e. operations has to provide IT services to the line of business and development has to develop and maintain the software to run those services. That sounds a little bit like a bimodal IT and Pete & Joe listed in their talk opportunities like

  • reduce time to market,
  • win, serve, and retain more customers
  • improve quality and reliability

but also challenges like

  • integrating other software vendors or in-house departments
  • legacy software
  • keeping things portable
  • making sure you can scale (up and down)

So all in all that sounds complicated and the challenge is to keep cost, complexity and compliance under control.

And SUSE’s answer here is the “software-defined, scalable, secure, agile and highly reliable IT infrastructure”.

1 Software-defined Infrastructure:

That means enabling Infrastructure as code and all hardware components need to be Remote manageable (via an API) and predictive.

Joe & Pete showed here several examples of  an On Site Self-Service Container Infrastructure, e.g. the one with openStack & Kubernetes:


Another example was SUSE’s new Container as a Platform Service (CASP) that allows customers to provision, manage, and scale container-based applications directly on a Kubernetes cluster with microservices on top, available on all platforms.

2 Scalability

CASP can be scaled out into the Public Cloud:


3 Security

Under Security we from SUSE understand first full control over incoming code and second scanning of all layers of the infrastructure. That means compliance as part of continuous Integration how it should be with the Open Build Server, the SUSE Customer Center and ideally SUSE Manager to keep control of all relevant Code Repositories. In the end only compliant code goes into a container.


So all in all if you think about DevOps think SUSE!!

Since almost every company today is a software company, everybody has to think about DevOps that speeds time to market and helps companies compete:

  • SUSE has a proven record of helping companies move to DevOps, with open source technologies, processes, and tools.
  • SUSE provides a full reference framework of solutions and tools to work with all stages of the DevOps process — and we share our own DevOps experience.
  • SUSE can create and integrate the infrastructure management, orchestration, and automation capabilities companies need to be more agile.
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