How Data Defined SUSE’s Refreshed Brand


Behind-The-Scenes Of Our Neuroscientific Process

A brand is more than a logo. For SUSE, our brand extends to great lengths. It’s customer care during the sales process, it’s on-site consultations, it’s the music video parodies, it’s our open source community, and much more. This is why a thorough, objective process was needed to evaluate our history, our superpowers, our competitors, and our future. And after months of testing, our new chameleon is ready to usher SUSE’s new brand experience to the world.

For many, the creative process is largely an emotionally-driven one, where preferences and opinions compete for decision making. At SUSE, we’re committed to data-driven decisions that eliminate potential subjective biases in the creative process. This is why we approached our brand refresh with a team of neuroscientists. By combining creativity with science, we’re able to hypothesize and test our artistic assumptions to understand if the resulting designs match the intended purpose. Watch our behind-the-scenes video to get a closer look at the process and hear from the lead scientist on the project.

Behind-The-Scenes Video

A Hero-Optimist Personality

The result of our refresh is a brand system that is both intelligent and creative. It captures the spirit of a problem-solving hero and a caring optimist. It’s with this strategic foundation, founded on the belief in the power of many, that we are able to bring a new SUSE brand experience to you that captures our heritage, reflects our growth, and signals our passion for the people, teams, and organizations that we serve.


Our new branding site has all you need to learn about the refresh including:

  • Download the new logo
  • Read more about our open source typeface
  • Understand our commitment to an accessible color palette
  • Download brand new illustrations and icons
  • Access writing and presentation templates in both Microsoft Office and LibreOffice
  • Uncover our micro-animation and motion principles
  • Learn how to speak and write with the SUSE voice
  • And more



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