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SUSE – YES, Please!


A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog about our upcoming event, SUSECON 2016. I shared with you how excited I was and what the program looked like. Well, all my expectations were met, or actually it was even better than expected! SUSECON 2016 was a blast!

The venue in beautiful DC was the perfect place for a full week of SUSE technology, excellent showcases, cool SUSE Swag, Hands-on workshops and new releases! To make you aware of all of all the good stuff that SUSE announced, I’d like to point out these Press releases:

Yes, SUSE is going strong and growing like crazy! When attending events like SUSECON and talking to our Customers and Partners you really feel you’re part of that ‘one big family’!

Careers – Join SUSE
As you can tell, I’m way excited to work for a company like this! We even have our our own cool SUSE video’s: “SUSE, Yes, Please”. Or what about the video that was just realized at SUSECON 2016: “Can’t stop the SUSE’. Just brilliant!
It’s such a great pleasure to wake up knowing you make a difference! Providing our customers with solutions and tools that help to improve and develop their businesses! Because of our close relationships with our Partners, we’re able to deliver great technology that’s innovative and complementary, with a full suite of training, consulting and support solutions!

Don’t you love that too? Come and work for us, be part of our Green Team!
Browse through our job openings in over 40 countries world wide. 



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