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SUSE welcomes Dublin City University students at SUSECON 2020


2020 is the year of being different and one difference you will see at this year’s SUSECON is representation from an internationally recognized engineering university.

Dublin City University is Ireland’s leading young university with a distinctive mission to transform lives and societies through education, research and innovation. Excellence in education and research has led to it being ranked in the top 1.5% of universities globally. DCU is Ireland’s fastest growing university with over 17,000 students across 4 campuses studying courses at an undergraduate and postgraduate level.

DCU relies on SUSE to support their IT infrastructure. DCU also utilize our academic program for teaching and training Open Source technologies in the classroom, so when the idea came to invite a university to SUSECON, they were a perfect fit.

Nearly 50 master’s students and a handful of teaching staff from the Faculty of Engineering and Computing are looking forward to attending this year’s SUSECON. MSc and M.Eng students from the School of Computing and the School of Electronic Engineering will be in attendance throughout the week. The event will provide numerous opportunities for the students to learn from and engage with industry experts from companies like SUSE, Microsoft and SAP.

“SUSE is honored to host students from Dublin City University at this year’s SUSECON.” said Melissa Di Donato, SUSE CEO. “With the ever-growing need for talent that has the necessary qualifications to drive global digitalization efforts, offering these students an opportunity to develop new skills, take SUSE certification exams, and engage with tech leaders from across the most innovative community of its kind – the open source community – is one step in addressing this skills gap.”

Rachel Cassidy, SVP Global Channel & Cloud said, “SUSE is excited to welcome 50 students from Dublin City University to SUSECON 2020, in Dublin. Both our organizations have a common focus on driving innovation that yields real-world impact. As the growth in open source adoption across many enterprises operating in different vertical markets accelerates, your commitment to educating the next generation of open source experts is much appreciated and needed! Our academic partners like Dublin City University are instrumental in seeding open source talent – which SUSE is proud to support.”

Liam Meany, IT and online learning systems engineer in the School of Electronic Engineering at DCU has said “Many of our students within the faculty are familiar with the SUSE operating system for undergraduate and postgraduate lab and assignment work. They may also use it for their final year project too. Attending SUSECON 2020 will help reinforce and broaden student knowledge of the operating system and many of its applications. The wide variety of sessions available at SUSECON relate to many of the masters projects within the faculty, so it’s not surprising that there is great enthusiasm to attend. It is also offers a rare and unique opportunity for our students to network with senior SUSE engineers.”

Not only is the teaching staff excited, but so are the students! One MSc student at DCU has said “I am interested to attend this event. Since I am from a data analytics background, I am excited to participate in big data and AI workshops.”

Another student has said “I am currently working on my graduation project in Machine learning on Edge devices. I have found at least 5 sessions that would be of great interest for me and directly beneficial for my project and I would love to attend the conference”.

With students having the opportunity to network and “pick the brains” of people in a wide variety of positions across various companies, some may even walk away with job offers (who knows!), or at least some new friends in the industry.

Along with attending the networking events, panel discussions, and maybe even putting the rest of us “experienced people” to shame in the yoga session, students are keen to take advantage of the free certification exams. In the weeks leading up to SUSECON, interested students will enroll in the SUSE Academic Program ( ) and utilize our library of On Demand Training Courses to prepare. Students that successfully pass an exam will walk away with a professional industry recognized credential to add to their resume.

As people who work in the ever changing tech industry and understand the challenges new graduates face, it’s our responsibly to share our knowledge with the next generation of professionals. Not only is it good for students to get this exposure, but its good for the industry as well, as we increasingly rely on new talent with skills in the latest technologies.

If you are planning on attending SUSECON, we encourage you to extend a hand and introduce yourself as you pass students in various sessions and at the event center. We look forward to seeing you all there!

Curious to learn more about DCU at SUSECON or have questions about our academic program in general, feel free to reach out directly at You can find more information about SUSECON 2020, including sessions, sponsors and registration info at .


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