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SUSE at VMworld: be_SMART


SUSE_VMworldWe’re here at VMworld 2016 in Las Vegas, keeping cool in booth #463 of the Solutions Showcase even as the temperature reaches 105 degrees F outside. Last night at the opening reception, we educated hundreds of VMware customers on why SUSE is the smart choice for Linux in a VMware environment, and they’re still streaming in as we speak to learn more about SUSE. Here’s what we’re telling them:

It’s the most optimized Linux for running on vSphere. SUSE saves you time and money, with built-in drivers and open-vm-tools in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 that make it out-of-the-box ready for running on vSphere. Those integrated components are maintained and updated with the distribution, so you always get the latest – patched, secure and feature complete.

It’s the operating system that VMware trusts for their virtual appliances. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is the default OS for VMware vApps. That means it goes through rigorous testing by VMware to be compatible with VMware applications like vCenter and dozens of others.

It’s the OS trusted by more than 90% of customers running SAP HANA. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications is optimized for running SAP, with features like high availability, SAP HANA resource agents, optimized kernel settings, and a longer support lifecycle. And, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications is recommended by VMware in their best practices document for deploying SAP HANA on vSphere.

Add application level high availability. VMware HA features help to ensure your virtualization host infrastructure is up and running. The SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability Extension makes it possible to increase application and service availability by setting up a cluster and can be deployed on both physical and virtualized machines. That means with SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability Extension, you can protect your data assets using your existing IT infrastructure,
minimizing data loss due to corruption or failure.

Deploy, configure, and patch your Linux VMs. SUSE Manager is a robust Linux management solution that will allow you to manage not just SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, but ALL your Linux VMs.

Extend your VMware private cloud using OpenStack. With SUSE OpenStack Cloud, you can run ESX workloads alongside your KVM, Xen or Hyper-V workloads, and integrate with NSX and VSAN.

It’s cloud ready. Dozens of VMware-based cloud and hosting providers offer SUSE Linux Enterprise Server to their customer. SUSE Linux is available on the largest clouds around the globe, and SUSE customers can run their most mission critical applications, including SAP and HPC applications, on SUSE in the cloud.

No other Linux operating system has the level of integration with VMware. Come see us at VMworld, booth #463, and we’ll show you how to be_SMART with SUSE in your VMware environment.


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