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SUSE “Universe” is expanding. Visit us at Micro Focus Universe in Vienna!


SUSE is eager to participate in Micro Focus Universe in Vienna, Austria 26-28 March 2019. This is our first event as a “partner” of Micro Focus. Think of it as our “Enterprise” on its maiden voyage into the “Universe” – too much??? maybe…

SUSE at Micro Focus Universe

Although SUSE and Micro Focus companies are separating, we share a close partnership and it’s expanding, like the universe. Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. As the open, open source company, SUSE is an integral part of the open source community and will never lock-in customers. Come see us in Vienna, hear about what our plans and how SUSE and Micro Focus will be working together going forward.

While other companies may be consolidating, or collapsing if you will, like black holes. Sorry, did it again – last time I promise. SUSE sees opportunity in being focused and nimble. We are excited about what the future holds as we venture into the world as an independent company. Join us on the journey!



  • Avatar photo rlinnell says:

    It’s awesome that SUSE & Micro Focus will continue their strong alliance partnership at Micro Focus Universe 2019.

    Please contact us at if you’d like to meet there.

  • Avatar photo TomH says:

    I am looking forward to the event and meeting with customers as we launch this new partnership!

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