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SUSE Training: Know What You Are Doing with SLE 15


When a new version of a product comes out — especially when that product is something I use every day — there are two things that go through my mind.

1) Yay! New toy!

2) What’s new?!?

Now, I’ll admit that the first one is a bit childish, but despite 20+ years working in IT, I still find myself a bit giddy at the thought of new software, new tools or a new operating system version. I want to know what it does that the previous version didn’t, or what has been made better that wasn’t my favorite feature last time I purchased it.

If it’s a new OS — something that I’ll be using every day in a variety of ways — I want to know what I’m doing. I need to know how it installs, what it’s primary functions are, and how to use it in the many diverse roles that an operating system plays in enterprise IT.

So, let me give you an example: SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 (SLE 15), our latest release. If you’re reading this blog post, you probably have some experience with SUSE Linux Enterprise, or SLE. Perhaps you’ve been using SUSE products since the ’90s and are just looking for the list of changes. Maybe you are new to SUSE Linux and want to learn the basics. But maybe it goes a bit deeper than that. Perhaps you want to talk with someone that has explored the product, read the documentation and is ready to lead a discussion into what makes the operating system different and useful.

Available Training for SUSE Linux Enterprise 15

That’s where SUSE Training comes in. We’ve been working alongside the development of SLE 15 to ensure you know what you’re doing with our latest release. If you want to discuss what’s new and how to move to SLE 15, you might be interested in our Transitioning to SLE 15 course. In this course, we walk through the new installer, the change in vision for SLE 15, and what makes multimodal IT something everyone in IT should understand. We also highlight the differences to the developer tools, the core OS changes, and how your infrastructure may change as a result of SLE 15. There are hands-on labs to ensure you understand those core changes, as well as how to install or upgrade to SLE 15.

But what if Linux is a foreign language to you? We have something to help with that, too. Our SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 Administration course will get you going the right direction. We introduce Linux, it’s various SUSE flavors, and give you labs to practice what you learn. The command line (shell) is explained, making it less intimidating than it may seem.

SUSE Training for Other Products

SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 is more than just your traditional IT OS, however, and SUSE Training can help you understand why it’s different than it’s monolithic past. You can deploy a software define storage solution, an OpenStack cloud implementation, or your own container platform. We’ve built training for those products, too: SUSE Enterprise Storage Training SUSE OpenStack Cloud Training SUSE Containers as a Service Platform Training

Of course, there are more than those offerings available. We have a catalog of training content to help with most aspects of a SUSE Linux deployment.

We also train on using SLES for SAP, and we have a variety of certification paths to hone and validate your IT skills.

Whatever your interest is in SUSE, we’ve got a way to make you shine in IT. With courses from SUSE, you can get the training you need to make sure you know what you’re doing in SLE 15.

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