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This year at SUSECon, you will find some changes in SUSE certifications. There have been changes in both designations and qualifications.

The old certification levels were CLA (Certified Linux Administrator), CLP (Certified Linux Professional), and CLE (Certified Linux Engineer). The new certifications are SCA (SUSE Certified Administrator), SCE (SUSE Certified Engineer), and SEA (SUSE Enterprise Architect). These don’t directly map to each other.

Here is a chart that Shows how the new certifications work together:linux certification

There are four tracks to allow you to focus in certain areas; Linux, Cloud, Storage, and Management. The new addition to the mix is SEA. To certify as SEA, you must have 3 administrator certs, 2 engineer certs, and one other certification of choice.

The changes to SUSE certification will provide current training and industry recognition of core competency.  The certification materials have been updated, providing an improved experience in the certification process.


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This entry was posted Friday, 26 August, 2016 at 3:27 pm
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  • smflood says:

    Firstly I’m glad that SUSE are continuing with offering SUSECon attendees the chance to gain a certification during the conference. It will be interesting to see how it works out with exam slots available throughout the week rather than just on the last day as previously.

    With regards to the OpenStack certification slots can I ask which exam this is for? I initially thought the SUSE Certified Administrator in OpenStack but the entries in the session catalog suggest it’s actually the OpenStack Foundation’s own Certified OpenStack Administrator certification. This would seem to tie in with test objectives being listed on SUSE’s Training site for the COA but not SUSE’s own certification.

    Are you also to say whether the exam is theory-based (like the CLA/Certified Administrator) or a practical (CLP/Certified Engineer)?

    Anyway looking forward to finding out more about the changes during SUSECon!


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