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SUSE Studio: Not Just For Lazy People


I am learning lots of new things in my job here at SUSE, skills I have never really had to master in my long tenure as gadfly journalist.

There’s the usual stuff, like re-learning the whole corporate team-player thing (Brian, you know it’s not cool to take all of the donuts in the break room back to your desk, right?); and then there’s the nuances of marketing, which is tricky stuff (No, Brian, we can’t say that about them, no matter how you feel about eggplant as a color).

You know, that sort of thing.

But one thing that I do know, even as I learn the ropes in my new gig: it’s probably not a good idea to connect one of your best products to letting you be lazy.

Yet over at Network World this week, Bryan Landuke extols the virtues of our SUSE Studio tool for just that very reason.

Landuke, a developer in his own right, makes the case for SUSE Studio by highlighting his own laziness as a coder, which does not mesh well with his need to continually set up new system installs for build/test environments and demos. Landuke writes:

“What would be ideal is to have some sort of webpage where I could check boxes next to what sort of OS and applications I want, add in any settings I like (wallpaper, software repositories, accounts, etc.), and then click to download a ready-to-use CD or VirtualBox image.

“Oh! What would be even cooler than that is if it could remember what I had set up previously… then, whenever I go back to that page, I can grab a new CD image (aka ‘an appliance’), custom built with the latest and greatest versions of everything I had selected. That way, I would never have to update the images I use to restore my systems manually.

“That would be taking laziness to 11.

“Wham-o! SUSE Studio.”

Landuke has discovered that SUSE Studio offers developers a great amount of convenience, enabling them to set up images for coding, testing and production deployment without a lot of time and effort. You can make CDs and virtual images, hard disk images, and even Amazon EC2- and Azure-ready cloud instances.

Browse through the SUSE Gallery, and you can find a whole range of pre-made images from community members that could meet you needs of souped-up desktop or a full featured stack. (I’m eyeing this ownCloud image for a weekend install soon.)

Even in his unorthodox way, Landuke has focused in on everything I personally like about SUSE Studio. As much as I like SUSE Linux and openSUSE, I have to say that SUSE Studio is my favorite offering from SUSE.

Even more than those donuts.

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