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SUSE and the Software-Defined Ecosystem


Agility. That’s the ultimate goal for today’s IT infrastructure. If it can be achieved cost-effectively and with minimal risk, then all the better. The challenge is making it happen. That’s where we at SUSE come in.

SUSE is uniquely positioned at the nexus of the software-defined infrastructure ecosystem. We work with and bring together hardware, software, cloud service provider, and distribution channel players to facilitate the delivery of the software-defined solution. We tie it all together with the premier enterprise-ready Linux operating system, the quickest-to-deploy OpenStack cloud offering, and a robust and scalable software-defined storage solution.

It’s not by accident that SUSE finds itself in this position. SUSE has been successful in delivering an enterprise grade Linux operating system for nearly 25 years. If we step back and look at what SUSE Linux

SUSE Software-Defined Infrastructure: An Open, Flexible Infrastructure Approach (Click to Expand)

Enterprise Server provides we’ll find a set of APIs and services that abstract away the details of the underlying hardware infrastructure to make it possible to write applications that can work with the widest range of architectures, servers, and storage and network options available.

SUSE OpenStack Cloud makes it easy to deploy an SDI across a wide range of software-defined solutions such as hypervisors, software-defined storage (like SUSE Enterprise Storage) and open source and proprietary networking solutions. And as we move toward containerized application development, we see two closely related solutions:

  • SUSE Container as a Service Platform will combine a container optimized version of SUSE Linux Enterprise with Kubernetes and an industry standard container engine to enable the creation and deployment of cloud native applications that can run across private data centers and public clouds.
  • As a result of recent SUSE acquisitions we will add a Cloud Foundry certified PaaS that combines a variety of runtimes, pre-defined services and an automated CI/CD workflow to enable developers to quickly create and deploy new business.

But we do not intend this to be a monolithic, all or nothing approach. The SUSE commitment to openness means that we will continue to work with partners to provide customers with options at multiple layers in the stack – the physical infrastructure as well as in development and deployment tools.

And that’s where we ask you, our partners, to work with us to make it happen for our mutual customers’ benefit. At SUSE we know that it is with our partner ecosystem that we will deliver the best solutions in the most ways to the most customers. We’ve done a lot of work to bring the elements of a software-defined infrastructure together, and with you we will bring it to market.

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