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SUSE shines — at the 55th Design Automation Conference


What a week! I just returned from the 55th Design Automation Conference in San Francisco, and I have to say, what an event! No, it’s not my 55th DAC but it’s DAC’s 55th year, and what a history of community, collaboration, and innovation it’s been.

The major tools, test, and platform vendors – providing the latest in design conceptualization, simulation, emulation, optimization, implementation, and everything in-between – were all there. In all, 170+ vendors showcased their solutions on two large floors of exhibit area at the Moscone Center. 5500+ attendees from academia and industry attended the event, representing all facets of electronic design from semiconductor, computer, telecommunications and consumer electronics companies.

A new area of the exhibit hall was DAC’s Design Infrastructure Alley, created through an initiative by the ESD Alliance and the Association for High-Performance Computing Professionals. This focus area brought together suppliers and professionals who enable and manage the complex hardware/software infrastructure that is needed to support the design of complex chips and systems. The electronic product design ecosystem is a critical driver of the multi-trillion dollar worldwide market for electronics. Without versatile and powerful platforms to support the automation tools that allow complex systems to be created and designed, new and innovative electronic products would never make it to market. It’s thrilling that SUSE has been key contributor in this space, and a valued platform partner to vendors and consumers of electronic-design-automation (EDA) for more than two decades.

As public cloud providers make increasingly capable IaaS offerings available to EDA, we see a shift beginning to take place. Some of the challenges resulting from this shift were addressed at DAC’s new Design-on-Cloud Pavilion where conference-goers were introduced to advanced cloud offerings and capabilities from AWS, Azure, and others, and listened to presentations on license management, grid computing, storage management, and data security.

I had a great conversation with the founder and head of engineering of a leading EDA company who said he couldn’t wait to get access to SUSE Linux Enterprise (his team’s favorite Linux) on the newest and biggest AWS cd5 instance so he could do some really cool stuff – and move his company’s development forward at an even more rapid pace.

There were a ton of relevant topics presented and innovative developments highlighted, including:

  • How we’ll eventually automate-away complexity (getting to no human in the loop)
  • The black art of design verification
  • IoT security, and verification for security
  • Machine learning for EDA and for IoT, and data science for verification


SUSE’s messaging at the event was timely and relevant. Vendors and consumers of EDA technology are always pushing the envelope and seeking to take advantage of next-generation platform capabilities, including cloud and containerization – the object being to increase agility, flexibility, and capacity – in order to manage ever-increasing complexity and deliver innovation to the marketplace as quickly as possible.

SUSE’s CaaS Platform directly addresses the needs of vendors, design teams, and the IT and DevOps teams that support them.

CaaS Platform is an enterprise class container management solution that enables EDA technology innovators, users, and IT and DevOps teams, to more easily deploy, manage, and scale container-based applications and services. Kubernetes is provided to automate lifecycle management of applications and make the platform itself easy to operate. Organizations that use SUSE CaaS Platform can achieve faster time to value, simplify their IT infrastructure and operations, and easily and dynamically scale. And of course, all of this directly contributes to accelerating time-to-market for the innovators and design teams that win or lose in the marketplace based on being able to deliver the cool electronic gadgets and other products we love – on-time, on-budget, and ahead of the competition.

It’s great to be part of EDA. It’s easy to see the huge impact that open source and the innovation that SUSE represents are having on taking the state-of-the-art in EDA forward!

For more info on SUSE and SUSE’s innovative offerings for cloud and cloud-as-a-service, go to or contact me, Steve Canova, at

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