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SUSE Rancher streamlines operations at Brazil’s Supreme Federal Court


“SUSE Rancher is an exceptional solution, helping us to maintain high availability and rapid scalability for our most critical applications.Aurélio Ribeiro Costa, Co-Manager of the Judicial Technology Platform, Supremo Tribunal Federal.

We are back in Brazil this week to discover how SUSE Rancher has streamlined the judicial apparatus responsible for safeguarding Brazil’s constitution, at the highest judicial institution in the country.

Demands on the Supreme Federal Court (STF) are constantly growing; with a 21% increase in cases year on year. To maintain excellent service levels, the organization has embarked on an extensive digital transformation program.

STF’s applications were previously monolithic and managed on diverse platforms that were hard to manage and scale, leading to reduced efficiency. When applications suffered from outages, manual intervention was required to restore them.

To address these challenges, STF began using a containerized microservices architecture, starting with Docker and adding Kubernetes.

As the Kubernetes landscape grew both in size and in complexity, the standard management tools were unable to meet STF’s needs and it selected SUSE Rancher to transform the management of its Kubernetes clusters.

Having evaluated several potential solutions, STF opted for SUSE Rancher, based on its user-friendly interface, the ease with which it could keep clusters up-to-date and its open nature.

Trusting SUSE Rancher for critical services

Today, STF uses SUSE Rancher to manage all its Kubernetes clusters, including the cluster that runs its most important application: STF Digital, a unified system for managing cases. STF Digital is composed of around 40 microservices and runs on a cluster of more than 100 containers. With hundreds of users and procedural deadlines to be met, high availability is essential for STF Digital. If the system were to fail the delivery of justice in Brazil could be jeopardized.

SUSE Rancher ensures scalability and is instrumental in upholding STF’s SLA of at least 99.9% availability, meaning no more than 8.5 hours downtime per year. This equates to improved reliability and performance of key services and is accomplished by automated system updates and security patching. The ultimate impact being increased operating speed, efficiency, and reliability in supporting the core mission of safeguarding the Brazilian constitution.

Reduced downtime and increased automation help minimize manual workload for IT staff, enabling them to focus on value-add services for users. The automation SUSE Rancher brings reduces error-prone process and gives STF more confidence in managing and scaling their Kubernetes clusters.

SUSE Rancher provides the assurance of local enterprise support for the entire stack, thanks to excellent documentation and support both from SUSE and an active community.

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