SUSE OpenStack Cloud with Nutanix Hyperconverged Deployment

SUSE OpenStack Cloud with Nutanix Hyperconverged Deployment


This past May, I had the privilege of attending Nutanix .NEXT in New Orleans and watching the late Anthony Bourdain deliver one of his last speeches. There was a palpable energy at the conference. SUSE met with Nutanix developers, customers, and partners where a simple message was overwhelmingly repeated – “I love Nutanix”. I was amazed to hear customer testimonials doing a complete rip and replace of their legacy systems to Nutanix for almost every type of application. So, it is no surprise that companies who have chosen OpenStack for their private cloud to look at Nutanix. Thus, SUSE and Nutanix have partnered together to make the deployment of OpenStack and Nutanix easy.

SUSE OpenStack Cloud and Nutanix Deployment Guide  provides OpenStack Cloud operators the information needed to integrate Nutanix Operating System (AOS) with SUSE OpenStack Cloud.


In a traditional hardware data center, operators must install servers, boot an image, attach/configure it to the network, and usually provide the storage back-end. There’s much more to this, but the point is – it takes time.

Nutanix deploys pre-loaded with an all-inclusive operating system handling compute, storage, and network configurations from one screen, saving time and reducing risks of mis-configuration. Cost reduction and simplicity drive the growth of the hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) market.

SUSE OpenStack Cloud

As the leading open source platform, OpenStack uses a set of software tools to manage the entire data center while building and operating private and public clouds. OpenStack is used by hundreds of companies today because of its openness, extensibility, scalability and total lower cost of ownership.

We create SUSE OpenStack Cloud by grabbing upstream OpenStack, adding enterprise functionality and SUSE support to make deployment easier. SUSE has an enhanced partnership with Nutanix to provide our joint customers with flexibility and the tools they need to be competitive. All the while, providing the security and robustness they demand for their enterprise workloads. SUSE supports customers world-wide with tested and integrated offerings across all our products including our software defined storage and container platform offerings.

To get started with Nutanix and SUSE, if you’re a SUSE employee see the FAQ or send us an email at For more information check out the links below.

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