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SUSE + OpenStack + Mirantis = Openness and Choice


Today we announced that SUSE is now Mirantis’ strategic partner for enterprise Linux — giving Mirantis customers access to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server as well as SUSE’s expanded support offerings, all integrated seamlessly with their Mirantis OpenStack cloud.

Together, Mirantis and SUSE will make SUSE Linux Enterprise Server a fully integrated development platform for Mirantis OpenStack and we will collaborate upstream in the community to optimize SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for OpenStack deployments. As a result, our mutual customers can utilize the combination of Mirantis OpenStack and SUSE’s enterprise Linux offerings with the confidence that their choice is not just fully certified and supported but also designed for their real-world enterprise environments.

At its core, this partnership is about meeting the market demand for openness and choice.

At SUSE we are committed to being the “open” open source company where we provide customers and partners with the real-world options at numerous levels of their architecture – hardware, hypervisor, middle-ware and IaaS.

SLESOpenStackLoveAs OpenStack closes in on its 14th release — and establishes its place as the open cloud framework for the enterprise — more businesses are running their mission critical, production workloads on OpenStack. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is the best operating system for enterprise OpenStack deployments. And not just for our own OpenStack distribution (SUSE OpenStack Cloud), but Mirantis OpenStack as well.

What does this mean for customers?

You can now choose to run Mirantis OpenStack and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server together with seamless, enterprise-grade support.

Additionally, customers will benefit from the upstream collaboration between SUSE and Mirantis to improve OpenStack technology and features for the enterprise. In particular, the optimization of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server as a solid foundation for OpenStack.

As competitive as the IT market sometimes feels, there’s plenty of room for vendors to embrace openness and work together on innovative solutions that provide benefit for their mutual customers and improve the state of technology for everyone.

This partnership is a great example of that spirit of openness at work.

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