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SUSE OpenStack Cloud Hyper-V Compute Driver – Certified and Available


Hyper-V is another great compute option to consider for OpenStack. And now, the Hyper-V Compute Driver, available from Cloudbase Solutions, is certified and available for SUSE OpenStack Cloud 7. It blends well with any new or existing cloud deployment, providing interoperability with other hypervisors include KVM, VMware vSphere / ESXi or XenServer.

Of course, Windows instances work out of the box on Hyper-V, and without the need of external drivers. Hyper-V also supports SUSE Linux Enterprise guests, with the Linux Integration Services (LIS) already included in the SLE distribution.

The SUSE OpenStack Cloud 7 Hyper-V Deployment Guide provides SUSE OpenStack Cloud 7 operators with the information needed to integrate Windows Hyper-V compute nodes into a SUSE OpenStack Cloud environment. The downloads available via the guide include all the required Nova, Neutron, Ceilometer and Open vSwitch (OVS) components, automatically configured during deployment.

In addition, the SUSE OpenStack Cloud compute MSI installer can be deployed in a fully automated way using Puppet, Chef, SaltStack, Ansible, DSC, Windows Group Policies or any other automated configuration framework.

• Includes everything needed to deploy a Hyper-V SUSE OpenStack Cloud compute node
• Provides a feature-complete SUSE OpenStack Cloud compute experience
• Supports Open vSwitch and any standard SDN solution
• Supports iSCSI and SMB3 SUSE OpenStack Cloud volumes
• Live migration included, no need for additional components
• Works on Windows Server, Hyper-V Server and Nano Server

We’re pleased to be working with Cloudbase Solutions, the leading contributor of everything Windows related in OpenStack, to make the SUSE OpenStack Cloud 7 Hyper-V Driver available to SUSE customers.

Installing OpenStack Nova Compute on Hyper-V:

Installing OpenStack Nova Compute on Hyper-V

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SUSE OpenStack Cloud 7 Hyper-V Deployment Guide:

For more info on the SUSE’s partnership with Cloudbase Solutions, contact Steve Canova: , or Masood Noori:

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