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SUSE OpenStack Cloud 9 – Now Included in SUSE YES Certification


More and more, businesses are seeking cloud solutions that provide an easy to deploy and manage, heterogeneous cloud infrastructure for provisioning development, test and production workloads in a way that is supportable, compliant and secure. In addition, they want a solution that has gone through an official certification program to give them confidence that their solution has been vetted and will be supported.

SUSE OpenStack Cloud is the leading community-driven, open source, cloud infrastructure project, and is packaged with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. The product is fully integrated with SUSE maintenance and support infrastructure and is an ideal solution for anyone looking to deploy a cloud with enterprise levels of stability and support. So with the official release of SUSE OpenStack Cloud 9 on June 24, 2019, SUSE Partner Engineering also announces the availability of the latest SUSE YES OpenStack Cloud Certification Kit (SOCCK) version 1.1.

Notable Updates in SOCCK v1.1

  • SOC 9 requires SLES 12 SP4 be installed on all nodes
  • The certification kit is now installed directly onto the Admin node, removing the need for a separate TestConsole system
  • SOCCK v1.1 leverages the upstream utilities Tempest and Rally
  • Upgrading to the SOCCK v1.1 will not require new equipment or hardware.

Important Details

  • The SOCCK 1.1 should be used for all future certification testing beginning immediately. There is however a grace period for certification testing that began before the release of SOCCK v1.1. The deadline for submissions with the now legacy SOCCK v1.0 is August 31, 2019. After this date, no submissions generated with SOCCK v1.0 will be accepted.
  • All submissions for SUSE OpenStack Cloud 9 MUST be generated by SOCCK v1.1
  • SOCCK v1.1 should also be used for all new SUSE OpenStack Cloud 8 certifications.

Where To Download SOCCK v1.1

SUSE hardware partners with a current Service Level Agreement (SLA), have access to current SCKs for testing and certification with currently supported product versions and may submit subsequent test results to request SUSE YES Certification.

The SOCCK v1.1 ISO and accompanying Documentation are contained in compressed .zip files and can be downloaded from the public SUSE Bulletin System (SBS) home page:

or from the SUSE Bulletin System (SBS) opening webpage (with partner login):

With SUSE Linux Enterprise, OpenStack Cloud 9 and SOCCK 1.1 you will have the power to leverage the premier cluster certification program – SUSE YES Certification. We wish you success as you use these tools and SUSE YES Certification to help increase your product sales opportunities.


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