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SUSE Open Audio — The SUSE Podcast


It has been far, far too long since SUSE has had a semi-official podcast.  Years, in fact.  Today, that all changes.

Proud to announce that SUSE Open Audio has launched, with the first episode posted to the SUSE YouTube Channel.

Show Notes for Episode 1:

  • My guest for this inaugural episode is SUSE’s President of Strategy, Alliances, & Marketing: Michael Miller.
  • Audio-only RSS podcast feeds will be available shortly.  Details will be posted here to the SUSE Blog and to SUSE Social Media.
  • Video version of SUSE Open Audio can always be found on the SUSE YouTube Channel.
  • New episodes every 2 weeks.

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  • victorhck says:

    Great see new geek/GNU/Linux/SUSE/openSUSE podcasts!!


    (I said that with my openSUSE user hat on)

    ‘ve phun!!

  • drewbags says:

    Most excellent!

  • salisburyk says:

    Bryan, is it posted to YouTube only?

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