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SUSE + Nutanix = HCI Heaven


There’s no doubt that the unprecedented situation we find ourselves in has accelerated a move to deploying applications in a more agile way.

And yet, transforming the IT environment can sometimes be difficult – traditional infrastructure can be costly to rip and replace.  We’ve seen customers who deploy applications in a hybrid IT scenario facing challenges with management, operations and often an increase in operating costs.

Not only that, but the silos of IT infrastructure required to meet unique application demands can drive up direct capital costs. And because it’s impossible to share resources across silos, utilization can be low.

Even worse – while the cost and impact of downtime on our business critical applications and the resulting data loss is well known, many businesses still struggle with legacy data protection and disaster recovery products that have failed to adapt to the needs of modern virtualized applications and infrastructure. The result? Businesses are leaving themselves exposed to reputational damage and longer term drop in revenue.

A Better Way

That’s not to say that there isn’t another way that you can benefit from a virtualized infrastructure that meets the needs of your business for data governance and high availability. SUSE and Nutanix have partnered to offer just such a solution.

Both companies believe in customer choice and that’s why, when compared with similar technology offerings, our solution will not lead you to become locked-in to an expensive and redundant technology stack.

Instead, our solution for deploying mission-critical applications focuses on delivering agility, control and reliability to you, so you can focus on growing your business.

Solid Foundations

Let me explain why we have confidence in making that claim. Both Nutanix and SUSE have invested in extensive testing with our products to ensure compatibility within this solution. Our subject matter experts will also work closely together with you to size, suggest infrastructure best practices and more to ensure the best possible results for your business.

It is also worthwhile noting that both companies provide world-class services and support. Nutanix has a NPS of 90 while 90 percent of SUSE customers are satisfied with SUSE Customer Support engineers. In addition, SUSE and Nutanix are both members of TSANet which gives us the means to jointly support each other and you if things don’t go to plan.

What this adds up to is peace of mind for you that you are deploying your applications on a fully supported, enterprise-grade Linux operating system for Nutanix AHV.

Finally, Nutanix and SUSE are both leaders in their field. Nutanix’s HCI platform is recognized by analysts as an industry leader. SUSE is the world’s first provider of an Enterprise Linux distribution and we enable you to accelerate your IT transformation by providing the widest hypervisor support available, including AHV, KVM, Xen, VMWare and IBM z/VM.

Growth Potential

That’s not all. Our joint solution also contains some cool features like:

  • The ability to run any application at any scale on a single platform.
  • Get faster time to value by cutting installation times and faster dev/test.
  • Simplify your storage by eliminating the need for separate storage, complicated configuration and provisioning, including no mapping with disks, RAID, and LUNs.
  • Offer you predictable performance for critical apps right out of the box, even with multiple workloads.
  • Built-in resiliency so your applications can access data with no single point of failure, storage access failover, while maintaining ongoing data integrity checks.

One of the companies who is already benefiting from this solution is Viollier – have a read of how they were able to scale at a time when they experienced high demand due to the pandemic.

If you want to find out how you can deploy applications and infrastructure easier than ever, you can read how to take advantage of cloud-like agility with on-premises control with SUSE and Nutanix.


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