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SUSE Merchandise Spring Sale!


Blue skies, frisky mornings and temperatures that are slowly rising… It can’t be missed, Spring is here! With the change in weather also comes a change in wardrobe. Feel like doing some discount Spring shopping? We have just the thing for you!

SUSE Merchandise Spring Sale!
Over the last couple of years we’ve sold many cool SUSE must-haves on our amazing SUSECON event. Because all items were a huge hit, I mean who doesn’t want to be seen with something that represents the coolest product/brand ever! And because of that we’d like to give everybody the opportunity to buy some too.

Visit the Sale section on our SUSE Merchandise store to find out what we offer!

Other Cool SUSE Swag?
Looking for something that’s not on the sales site? Maybe a collector’s item, a big green chameleon, or perhaps a SUSE cap or mug? Make sure to
browse around in the rest of our Merchandise store!

Spring Sale 50% discount!
These awesome items below are only a few of the total offering!
Go check it out for yourself now!



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  • victorhck says:


    There’s a way to buy a Raspberry Pi in a SUSE or openSUSE box or something like that?


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