SUSE Manager Update : Good news if you are a PAYG SLES for SAP customer in the cloud


Until now,  SUSE Manager deployments for customers that run only Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) SLES for SAP instances in the cloud faced a small challenge when trying to mirror repositories down from the SUSE Customer Center (SCC).

Put simply, as customers were purchasing SLES for SAP via the CSP Marketplace (e.g. AWS Marketplace), SUSE Manager could not verify customer entitlement to updates with the SCC.

The great news is that with the latest update of SUSE Manager, version 4.2.5, this verification process is now possible.

SUSE manager can now use a running PAYG SLES for SAP instance to provide the credentials needed to mirror all the SLES for SAP repositories from SUSE’s Public Cloud Update Infrastructure.

This removes the need for additional SLES for SAP subscriptions and eases the deployment and configuration of SUSE Manager in the cloud.

Example Architecture (AWS)

As per the high level architecture above, SUSE Manager still needs to be connected to the SCC, even if there is no entitlement provided by the account used.    Once the PAYG Instance has been nominated and added within the SUSE Manager “Admin” section, the SLES for SAP Channels will be available for mirroring.

A full step-by-step guide can be found in the SUSE Manager documentation:

SUSE Manager Documentation – Connect PAYG Instance

You can watch a short demonstration  of this in action here:

Demonstration – Connecting a PAYG Instance

It’s worth noting that the SLES for SAP instance needs to be in the ‘running’ state for this process to work (and continue to work), this PAYG instance should also reside the same region as the SUSE Manager server.


This new feature is designed to support exclusively PAYG SLES for SAP customers that consume SLES for SAP instances via the CSP Marketplace. Whilst it is possible to manage other instances and OS versions, additional subscriptions may be required.




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